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The definitive guide on disappearing, How to Disappear by Frank Ahearn will lead you through the many steps you’ll need to take to become untraceable. Ahearn is a disappearance expert -- he spent two decades tracking down missing people -- and his advice should come in handy for those wanting to create false trails and delete their digital footprint. 
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What if Princess Diana didn’t die in a car accident in Paris and instead faked her own death in order to live a quiet life in middle America? That’s the premise of  Untold Story by Monica Ali. This novel is not a complete caper, it’s also a meditation on the implications of what happens after you fake your own death. How do you deal with missing your children? How do you keep track of all your lies? And, finally, what do you do when you realize you might be found out? 
by CBC Books
Sam Israel was a hedge fund manager who attempted to fake his own death after he committed financial fraud. His attempts was unsuccessful and he's now serving time in prison. Guy Lawson chronicles it all inOctopus: Sam Israel, the Secret Market and Wall Street's Wildest Con.

by CBC Books
John Grisham’s The Partner reads like a fictional version of Sam Israel’s real-life caper. After learning that his firm is stealing millions of dollars, a lawyer fakes his death, steals the money and re-invents himself in Brazil. But can he outrun some angry ex-colleagues and the feds forever? 
by CBC Books
Frank Abagnale changed his identity several times in his lengthy career as a con artist. He was eventually caught, served jail time and now acts as a security consultant. His story inspired the film Catch Me if You Can, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio. He also wrote a book -- also titled Catch Me If You Can -- about his many disappearing acts. 
by CBC Books

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