Monster art: Your submissions for Lynda Barry's drawing challenge Live

Marianne Brown writes: "I do not draw much these days and any doodles are usually happy birds and flowers so the monster thing was a bit of a stretch for me. This drawing does remind me of my days as an aquaculture student….over 30 years ago. I dropped out, but drew all of my classmates as fish before I did. This 'meany angler fish monster' seems to have an earring lure on its head….fitting seeing that I make jewellery. I should be working."  
by Fabiola Carletti
Marianne followed up with a drawing of her monster's "good cop, bad cop" parents. Here are some more monsters sent to us from q fans (and their experts kids). 
by Fabiola Carletti
Submission from Lindsay Dobbin, via q mail
by Fabiola Carletti
Submission by Angelika Dawson, via q mail
by Fabiola Carletti

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