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Who should play Robyn Doolittle?

She originally intended to study theatre but after realizing she could get paid to question authority, she chose journalism. She was editor-in-chief of her university newspaper and also a figure skating coach at Ryerson. With a competitive nature to take into account, we think these stars have the chops to play the photogenic Robyn Doolittle. (CBC photo)
by Erin Balser

Kate Mara

In her breakout role as Zoe Barnes on House of Cards, the determined and pretty newspaper reporter makes a name for herself with scoops from a powerful politician. It’s not an exact parallel, but it’s pretty close. (Netflix photo)

by Erin Balser

Michelle Dockery

She plays the strong-willed and arrogant Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey, but when this actress isn’t starring in period dramas, she could be playing Doolittle’s doppelganger in real life.
  (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)
by Erin Balser

Alexis Bledel

You know her as Rory from Gilmore Girls and more recently as a guest star on Mad Men. Bledel has played editor/reporters before and isn’t afraid to take on political issues. In 2012, she urged young Americans to re-elect Barack Obama.
 (Reuters photo)
by Erin Balser

Cobie Smulders

On How I Met Your Mother, the Canadian actress plays Robin, a television reporter who eventually becomes an anchor. While Smulders might be a little tall to play Doolittle, it’s her Canadian-ness that makes her a good casting choice. (AP photo)
by Erin Balser

Zooey Deschanel

She might have to chop those famous bangs to play Doolittle, but Deschanel could take a break from playing the goofy Jess on The New Girl, with a more serious turn as an intrepid reporter. (Reuters photo)

by Erin Balser

Who should play Rob Ford?

He’s got a passion for football, partying and running Toronto’s City Hall.
His over-the-top antics resemble those of many actors so selecting only five was no simple task. We think these five stars are “Ford Tough” enough to play the mayor.
 (CP photo)
by Erin Balser

Ricky Gervais

Not an obvious choice due to a disparity in size but the talented comedian has a knack for playing the bumbling, embarrassing boss who doesn’t know when to quit. Plus, his signature cackle laugh could be parlayed into the spectrum of “colourful” reactions Rob Ford is known for. (Reuters)

by Erin Balser

Will Sasso

The talented Canadian comic clowned around on MADtv for years before starring in the movie The Three Stooges in 2012. He can do many celebrity impressions including Chris Farley, so we’re confident he can tackle the role of Rob Ford. (Reuters photo)

by Erin Balser

Bobby Moynihan

The sketch comedy ace just about perfected an impression of Rob Ford on Saturday Night Live. With the ability to mimic facial mannerisms and tackle physical comedy, Moynihan is good to go. (AP photo)

by Erin Balser

John Goodman

This prolific actor has range. He can do comedy, drama, action, even voice acting. Goodman has suffered from alcoholism but has allegedly been sober since 2007. Ford might like Goodman to play him -- Goodman played college football and has also played the combative yet winsome Fred Flintstone. (AP photo)

by Erin Balser

Meryl Streep

There’s one more person who could probably pull off the role of Rob Ford - she’s pictured above in the role of Julia Child. What can’t you do Meryl Streep? 
(Photo still from
Julie & Julia, Sony Pictures)

by Erin Balser

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