If you liked The Year of the Flood... Live

Darwin's Bastards, selected and edited by Zsuzsi Gartner

A grab bag of dystopian fiction, this short story collection showcases celebrated Canadian and international authors.
Not all of the stories in Darwin's Bastards are by traditionally sci-fi authors, there are stories by Heather O’Neill, Sheila Heti and Pasha Malla.
by Erin Balser

Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart

If you’re looking for a near future love story, this is your book. American writer Gary Shteyngart tells the story of Eunice Park and Lenny Abramov two unlikely lovers brought together during a time of transition. The book outlines a future overun by vapid technology and political collapse.  

by Erin Balser
Generation A by Douglas Coupland

Modeled after the same style as Coupland’s seminal
Generation X, where the lives of seemingly disparate character’s intersect, Generation A takes place in the near future.
Like The Year of the Flood, Generation A looks at environmental degradation as it chronicles a world where bees have become extinct.
by Erin Balser
After the Apocalypse by Maureen F. Hugh

American writer Maurenn F.
McHugh delivers an entire collection on dystopian near future themes in After the Apocalypse. She writes about the world post-bird flu, technology, job outsourcing and just like Atwood she holds a special place for zombies in her heart.
by Erin Balser
The MaddAddam Trilogy by Margaret Atwood

The Year of the Flood is the second book in this trilogy. You don’t have to read the first book Oryx and Crake to understand The Year of the Flood, you might as well if you enjoyed The Year of the Flood. The Year of the Flood expands on the story set up in Oryx and Crake. The books are set during the same time period, but they each tell the story from a different perspective. 
by Erin Balser

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