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The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America by Thomas King

Neither a traditional nor all-encompassing history of indigenous people in North America,
The Inconvenient Indian is a personal meditation on what it means to be "Indian." King explores the relationship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people since the fifteenth century and examines the way that popular culture has shaped our notion of indigenous identity, while also reflecting on his own complicated relationship with activism.

Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden

If you’re craving more Boyden, why not start at the beginning? In Boyden’s first novel Three Day Road, he draws on his family’s history as indigenous soldiers during World War I. The novel tells the story of two Cree men, Xavier and Elijah, who become snipers in the war.

by Erin Balser

Keeper'N Me by Richard Wagamese 

The Orenda, 
Keeper'n Me
also gives indigenous philosophy a modern make over as it follows the redemptive story of Garnet Raven. As a young child, Raven was put into foster homes which ultimately led to a series of crimes that landed him in jail. After he gets out of jail he decides to revisit his past and return to his reserve in a journey of self discover.
by Erin Balser
Motorcycles & Sweetgrass by Drew Haydon Taylor

With the magical sensibility of
The Orenda, Motorcycles and Sweetgrass tells the story of a reserve in the 1950s. One day a mysterious man arrives on the
Anishnawbe community reserve and charms everyone including the reserve chief who develops a crush on him. But her son isn’t so sweet on this man, and teams up with others to kick him out.
by Erin Balser
Traplines by Eden Robinson

Traplines, Eden Robinson delivers a collection of gritty short stories about what it’s like to grow up indigenous in contemporary Canada.
The book is divided into four longish short stories.
by Erin Balser

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