Photos from Canada Reads Day 2 Live

The crowd gets ready to enter the studio to watch Day Two of Canada Reads. (Farhang Ghajar/CBC)

by CBC Books
Trent McClellan, last year's Canada Reads champion panelist, warms up the studio audience. Trent is also taking part in our daily live chats on (Farhang Ghajar/CBC)
by CBC Books
The panel reconvenes after an exciting first day that saw Margaret Atwood's The Year of the Flood become the first book voted off. (Farhang Ghajar/CBC)

by CBC Books
Host Jian Ghomeshi asked Stephen Lewis to explain his strong feelings about The Orenda, which led to an intense back-and-forth between Lewis and Wab Kinew. (Farhang Ghajar/CBC)

by CBC Books
Donovan Bailey argued that although Half-Blood Blues was set in Europe, it told an important story about race and relationships through a Canadian lens. (Farhang Ghajar/CBC)

by CBC Books
 "Social change doesn't have to be born out of violence." - Sarah Gadon on Annabel (Farhang Ghajar/CBC)
by CBC Books
Some found Cockroach by Rawi Hage to be pessimistic, but defender Samantha Bee argued that the book's feeling of isolation resonates with many people who feel like outsiders. (Farhang Ghajar/CBC)
by CBC Books

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