Smell and the city Live

Those that are shy about exploring urban smellscapes might ease their way in with a classic: stop and smell the flowers. (Steve Hill)  
by Fabiola Carletti
Once you're feeling more grounded, look for something seasonal to enjoy. (Steve Hill)
by Fabiola Carletti
Forget storefront signs - you can guess what kind of shop you're passing by getting a whiff of what it's emitting. Bakery? Laundry-mat? Coffee shop? (Steve Hill)  
by Fabiola Carletti
Kids are always sniffing for adventure. They are natural companions on a scent-filled journey. (Chris Foster) 
by Fabiola Carletti
Adults can also be persuaded to follow their noses and reconsider their cities. (Here Henshaw takes people on a smell walk through Barcelona) 
by Fabiola Carletti

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