Factory farming to blame for animal cruelty, say CBC readers Live

Our story on allegations of abuse at a Maple Leaf Foods chicken hatchery got a huge response from the CBC Community, with readers expressing their shock at the treatment of animals caught on video. 

The video was shot by an employee of the animal rights group Mercy For Animals Canada, who got a job working at Horizon Poultry in Hanover, Ont., and used a hidden camera to document events there over a six-week period.

The video was shared exclusively with CBC News as part of a Marketplace investigation.

Reaction to the story came on Twitter, Facebook and in the comments of our story.

Some readers, however, questioned whether we should be shocked by factory farm practices at all, and suggested ways to avoid supporting animal mistreatment.
Are we really shocked? This is a factory where hundreds of animals are "processed" every day. Of course there are going to be disgusting practices. Find your local slaughterhouse and spend the extra $5 for some better meat.Chelsey Latkevia Facebook at 8:47 AM

Only buy meat from local farmers. The bigger is not better!Debra Pearse Harteryvia Facebook at 8:13 AM
As a local farmer who sells his own produce, this is ridiculous. Why spend money on these garbage companies, support your local farmers and have better quality. — Outdoorking69.

If we are going to raise animals for food, the least we can do is treat them with respect.Natalie Ann Comeauvia Facebook at 8:15 AM
I'm not vegetarian. I like my steak wrapped in bacon like the next person. But the way we treat our food animals is wrong. Just because they have been raised to die doesn't mean they should have a horrible life or a nasty death. —  Tammy Taylor.

This is why I have 12 chickens in my backyard I know exactly where it's coming from... My backyard.... And my eggs are second to none!Chris Clarkevia Facebook at 8:07 AM
I see nothing wrong with the principle of killing another animal for food. However, the meat industry makes me sick to my stomach. Companies exist to maximize profit, but when it comes to animals, regulations need to be updated and enforced even if it hurts business efficiency, with severe punishment to those who commit these sort of acts. — scotian_38.

This is sad, but it doesn't mean you have to stop eating meat; buy from local farms or producers that are certified to be ethical. Not all meat comes from giant factories like this one.Mira Naumanvia Facebook at 8:39 AM

I love meat but I can tell ya now. Id rather get my own then pay someone to brutally kill animals for it.Scott E Ryanvia Facebook at 9:02 AM

Chickens feel pain like any other animal: dog, cat, pig, cow, etc. I'm so glad there are advocate whistleblowers out there to shed light on the cruelty in the industry.Adina Arosvia Facebook at 9:28 AM

So, a factory farm is a terrible place. And how do you think chickens are killed on a non-factory farm? Providing food is not a gentle event.Cheryl Burkevia Facebook at 9:07 AM

For others, though, killing any animals for food is simply unacceptable. 

Yep, it's stuff like this that made me go vegetarian. I know that it will still happen, but at least I can sleep at night knowing I did not contribute. —  olive_oilt
Welcome to the world of factory farming. This is why I'm vegan.Scott Stuartvia Facebook at 10:18 AM

Sick! And people ask me why I went vegetarian?Andrew Daleyvia Facebook at 8:32 AM

Because our story focused on chicks going through a dish washer, "
cooked alive" in the words of
Veterinarian Mary Richardson, many in our audience brought up another animal routinely boiled alive.

Lobsters get cooked alive all the timeHelen Roumeliotisvia Facebook at 10:02 AM

Thank you for following our coverage of this story and feel free to continue the debate in the comments below.


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