The 9 must-read mystery books of 2014 Live

"This one starts out in a Norwegian prison, with a young prisoner who is taking confessions from his fellow killers. The prisoners have decided that just before their release, they go to this man and confess to him privately and he lays hands on them. When they leave prison, they'll be able to start lives clean. Then there's an incident that sets the character who heals, Sunny, on a streak of vengeance, which is really, really good. This is an excellent novel and should not be attempted until you are on a nice weekend holiday, where you can read it all the way through." -- Margaret Cannon
by CBC Books
"It starts with a young man getting a call from his father, telling him that his mother is not well. She has been admitted to a mental asylum and that, basically, she's had a nervous breakdown. The young man Daniel has had an idyllic childhood. He's an only child, and his parents were only children as well. Very quickly, Daniel is thrown into this 'What's wrong with mom?' mystery. His mom says don't believe anything his father says, that his father is a liar. It takes a long time for the story to evolve and people should be prepared to be a little patient. You're not going to have bodies dropping on page nine in this one, but there are two twists at the end that no one will see coming." -- Margaret Cannon 
by CBC Books
"A young woman, who is enjoying the day at a Dallas flea market, is caught up in a tornado. A helpful stranger offers to assist her with her baby and - presto! - her son is gone. This is great beach reading and great airplane reading." -- Margaret Cannon 
by CBC Books
"This novel features a group of failed MI5 agents called Slow Horses, and it's the third book in a series about this group. Now, these are people who have screwed up in some spectacular fashion and they've been sent out to the Gulag to whittle away the rest of their days. This book begins when a young boy, of Muslim Pakistani heritage, is kidnapped by this right-wing group of nutbars and they're threatening to behead him live and in technicolour. The failures of Slow Horses decide they are going to solve the problem. These are terrific novels. The writing is very good. The sense of humour is there, and there's a certain amount of skepticism as well, which keeps you wanting to read it." -- J.D. Singh 
by CBC Books
"I think it's the tenth in the series. In this one, Lucian Connolly, the man who was sheriff before Walt Longmire became sheriff, asks Walt to look into a suicide that another colleague has committed. The question is, why? The novels are eloquent, they're well written and there's wit, three things that always work well for me." -- J.D. Singh 
by CBC Books
"If you're a fan of Philip Marlowe, I think you'll adore this." -- J.D. Singh 
by CBC Books
"This book is part of the Mamur Zapt series. Egypt at the turn of the century was in an odd place. It was technically part of the Ottoman Empire. The Hadi was the viceroy representing the Ottoman, but the Brits were in control because he had mismanaged his funds and they sent a commissioner to run the show. In this particular story, a bride box is sent to one of the men. A bride box is a collection of objects that a bride-to-be collects as part of her wedding gift. Except, in this case, the wedding box contains the bride herself. The mystery is who got rid of her? The books are very funny, partly because they deal with the political system and it's dealt with a very ironic way. There is violence and there is sex, but the books are not sticky with blood." -- P.K. Rangachari 
by CBC Books
"This book is set in modern-day Istanbul. The Ottoman Empire has died out, but there's an undercurrent that wants the Ottoman Empire back. There are bodies all over the place, they're decapitated and there's all kinds of gore. It's almost like a modern American tale." -- P.K. Rangachari

by CBC Books
"This brings in the team that is investigating cold cases. It's extraordinarily funny.
-- P.K. Rangachari 
by CBC Books

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