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"Why you want to do it has to be bigger than your ability or skill or knowledge of how to do it. Once there’s a why, you figure out the how.” - Mick Ebeling (Not Impossible)"
by Fabiola Carletti
"Ultimately mobility, freedom of expression, communication – I don’t think that those things should be regulated by how much money your parents make or your socio economic status.” - Mick Ebeling (Not Impossible)
by Fabiola Carletti
"The ethos of what we’re all about [is] technology for the sake of humanity."- Mick Ebeling (Not Impossible)
by Fabiola Carletti
"I don’t care if your healthcare is socialized and free or not that way as it is in the States, there’s just some basic human rights that you should have." - Mick Ebeling (Not Impossible)   
by Fabiola Carletti
"Our goal is not to be a healthcare company, it’s to disrupt the system of devices […] in such a way that we create things that they have access to, that they wouldn’t have otherwise." - Mick Ebeling (Not Impossible)
by Fabiola Carletti

“Typically these prosthetics are upwards of $15,000," the 3D printed ones are “more or less about $100.” - Mick Ebeling (Not Impossible)

by Fabiola Carletti
"Ultimately we would want the companies that do this in the sector to see us and be forced to bring their prices down, to make their devices more accessible, and put what we’re doing out of business or make what we’re doing obsolete – that would be the ultimate." - Mick Ebeling (Not Impossible) 
by Fabiola Carletti

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