Success stories from the CBC Literary Prizes Live

Daniel KarasikDaniel's CBC Short Story Prize-winning story from 2012, “Mine,” was made into a short film by Toronto indie filmmaker Gerald Patrick Fantone with funding from the National Screen Institute’s acclaimed Drama Prize Program. Daniel is now working with one of the producers of this short film, called “After the Rain,” on a feature film version of one of his plays.
by Molly Kohli
Carol Shields
Carol's 1985 letter to Bob Weaver (the founder of the CBC Literary Prizes) upon his retirement from the CBC. Carol was a recipient of CBC Literary Prizes in 1983 and 1984.
by CBC Literary Prizes
Kim EchlinAfter winning the 2005 Creative Nonfiction Prize, Kim's turned her winning piece into the novel The Disappeared, which went on to be nominated for the 2009 Giller Prize.
by Molly Kohli
Janice Kulyk KeeferJanice's 1987 letter to Bob Weaver (the founder of the CBC Literary Prizes). Janice was a three-time recipient of the CBC Literary Prize in 1985, 1986 and 1988. In 1999, she won the prestigious Marian Engel Award for lifetime achievement. 
by CBC Literary Prizes
Alison PickAlison on winning the CBC Poetry Prize in 2005: “The most exciting part was the internal shift, the permission to actually call myself a writer, and to devote myself to it completely. I never looked back.” The title poem of her second collection, The Dream World, appeared in the Best Canadian Poetry of 2008. Her 2010 novel, Far To Go, was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize.
by Molly Kohli

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