Gordon Korman books: Through The Years Live

This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall (1978)

The book that put Korman on the map. It introduced the world to his buddy duo Bruno and Boots. 

I Want to Go Home! (1981)

The mercurial but gifted young Rudy Miller is sent away to summer camp where his unfortunate counsellors and cabin mates struggle to deal with his lack of interest in the camp's activities and inventive attempts to escape. 
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No Coins, Please (1984)

The young protagonist of this story, Artie Geller, would have been at home on Dragons' Den. The entrepreneurial 11-year-old takes advantage of his travelling summer camp to set up pop-up businesses across the U.S., getting rich quick in the process, but also catching the attention of the FBI. 
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The War With Mr. Wizzle (1982)

Korman wrote a total of seven Macdonald Hall books between 1978 and 1995.
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Who is Bugs Potter? (1991)

This entertaining romp follows a teenage drumming prodigy who sneaks out to jam with his rock n' roll idols.  
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The Contest (Everest series, 2002)

While Korman was well-known for writing humourous stories with clever dialogue, he also tackled more intense storylines. The Everest series followed a group of young climbers trying to scale the mountain when disaster strikes, forcing them to make life and death decisions.
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On The Run series (2005 to 2006)

Korman continued with thriller writing when he introduced his popular On The Run series, about a pair of children seeking to evade the authorities in their quest to clear their parents' names. This series also spawned the Kidnapped trilogy, which follows the Falconer children after the events of On The Run.
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The 39 Clues (2008 to present)

This bestselling collaborative mystery series about a puzzle-solving brother and sister combo features books penned by a number of popular kids' authors, including Rick Riordan and Margaret Peterson Haddix. Korman's work here has been enormously successful, and he's written five books for the series.

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