Joseph Kertes: The Afterlife of Stars Live

Joseph Kertes, on the left, and his brother Bela in 1954, two years before the Hungarian Revolution drove them out of the country. Image courtesy of Joseph Kertes. 
by CBC Books
In The Afterlife of Stars, the fictional brothers Robert and Attila Beck find themselves in the midst of the tumultuous events of the Hungarian Revolution, including the toppling of the iconic Stalin Monument in Budapest. Image courtesy of the American Hungarian Federation. 
by CBC Books

Joseph Kertes (holding his father) and his family in 1954. Joseph was not yet five when they fled the country, running across a minefield in the middle of the night to cross the border into Austria. Image courtesy of Joseph Kertes. 
by CBC Books
The Hungarian Revolution lasted from October 23 to November 10, 1956. By its end, over 2,500 Hungarians were killed, and 200,000 fled as refugees. Image courtesy of Michael Rougier of the LIFE Picture Collection. 
by CBC Books

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