Reaction on social media to Site C Live

Reaction from First Nations

The First Nations Summit denounced the approval, saying it was a major step backwards in the provincial government's relations with First Nations. 

BC and Canada have chosen to completely ignore their constitutional duty to consult and accommodate Treaty 8 First Nations prior to making this decision. This approach is unacceptable and an affront to the cultivation of constructive
government-to-government relations between the provincial government and BC First Nations.

The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs also wrote a strongly-worded statement, saying BC Hydro has failed to make its case for future energy demands. Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the union, said the government has decided to move forward without adequate consultation of Treaty 8 First Nations. 

This is an ill-advised and incredibly stupid decision the Province has made regarding the Site C Project.

Political leaders also voiced their opposition to the Site C dam. 

Opposition NDP leader John Horgan said B.C. should look at other sources of energy, such as geothermal, wind and solar power.

Green Party leader Andrew Weaver tweeted he was extremely disappointed in the government's decision.

Here is some more reaction to the project's approval:

The Sierra Club of B.C. said that destroying a fertile valley capable of feeding one million people makes no sense in the context of climate change and food shortages. 

The cabinet had a chance to apply the brakes to a project dominated by overblown demand projections and a high likelihood of runaway costs. Only last week, the Premier tacked another $600 million to Site C’s price tag, bringing it to $8.78 billion. Unfortunately, the cabinet has chosen to expose British Columbians to spiralling debt and legal risk from First Nations lawsuits – in order to produce electricity we currently don’t need and will have to sell at a loss.

today, my heart was shattered by the approval of the #SiteC dam. say goodbye to our beautiful, rich, vibrant river valley. i feel sick to my stomach and just may cry. today is an ugly mark on the history of british columbia. || #fortstjohn #dawsoncreek #northernbc #christyclark #britishcolumbia #peaceriver #peacerivervalley
by littlemissmagi via Instagram

Day 4 - Peace River - this section will be flooded if #siteC is built. #bwphotochallenge
by freestone_mark via Instagram

Stop the madness. We need an external & independent study. This government needs the approval of the First Nations before destroying their land and history.
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