Christmas to New Year's: naming the forgotten week Live

The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is lacking an identity.

The Christmas leftovers have run out. but we're yet to make our New Year's resolutions. For many, it's an extension of the holiday season, but without statutory holidays, many people are also back to work.

CBC host Stephen Quinn took to Twitter to ask listeners what they call the forgotten week.

Listeners chimed in with their own names for the seven days sandwiched between the two holidays.

Some of the suggestions referenced the season's reputation as a time to slow down, voluntarily or not.

Others take it as a time to reflect on the excess of food and shopping that comes with the holidays.

"The Reset" is what @fredabouttown calls the week between Christmas and New Years.
by cbcearlyedition via Instagram

For others, it's just another week of work, made more frustrating by those who are still on vacation.

Does this week really need a name? Some say it already has one:


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