How are you dealing with rising food prices?

  • The food price discussion continues not just here on the forum, but on our Facebook and Twitter accounts too.

    Adrian Straathof weighed in with this thought on Facebook.

    We live in Canada in winter. Why do you people expect foods that aren't in season to be cheap? We had eight years of poor beef prices. Farmers quit. No cows means not enough beef so if you want it you pay for it. Flyers, freezers and a garden will get you through.

    And here's another perspective from 
    Peter Vartanis, who also commented on Facebook.

    Sure they've gone up, but what I've saved in fuel offsets it. And come spring those prices will go down again. The shock of a sudden drop will wear off. The loonie with stabilize. And things will return to normal.

    Care to weigh in?
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