CBC Forum: Should politicians weigh in on court cases?

  • It is not the court's mandate to believe every complainant. The court is there to ask the hard questions and try to find some measure of truth. Social support, encouragement and and referrals are the responsibility of social workers, friends and relatives. Would we not expect a complainant who alleges a mugging or auto theft to be critically examined?

    Mulcair's comment was telling - it is how the new NDP operates. Populism over evidence. I want a hash tag #thinkcritically and #evidence-basedpolicy. If Mulcair wants to make suggestions about how to improve the investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults, then he should lead with that - it is a conversation worth having. But echoing popular opinion to garner political support with no suggestion on how to make things better is nothing more than pandering. Put your policy where your mouth is.
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