CBC Forum: Do Trump and Clinton have their nominations sewn up?

  • I am happy to see that the results of the primaries at this point are indicating a frustration with the Republican party. Trump is doing an excellent job of dismantling an establishment by enraging the grass roots members of the establishment. Finally someone who is using a chainsaw to cut the trunk not starting by pruning the top.

    Frankly, I have no concern about the rhetoric or lack of policy coming from the Trump campaign. He requires the assistance of law makers from congress and the senate to pass bills, this will provide a reasonable opportunity for those two houses to restrict his power. We are currently seeing that with Obama, he is (and I hate to use this phrase) wrapping up as a lame duck because of the inability of the Democratic party to pick up seats in the last cycle. Perhaps a congress and senate focused on restricting the president can finally learn to act in a non-partisan but productive manner.

    As for Hillary, if she is elected and the Democratic party picks up the congress or the senate I am concerned. What we will see is more of the same, which has clearly not been working for the economy, trade, foreign relations, employment, immigration, human rights (Guantanamo is still open I believe), civil infrastructure, etc... The only difference is instead of discourse deciding policy it will be by sweeping legislation written by lobbyists and corporate lawyers.
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