CBC Forum: Does online dating make it easier to find a partner?

  • More and more people you see around you bury their heads inside their phones and tablets. The internet is where people live nowadays. Their internet identities are their real identities. Real life has become an avatar of the identity they wish to create for themselves, the online one.

    Many people find it difficult to go into bars and meet people. Workplaces are exactly that - a place to work. 99 times out of 100, you cannot strike up anything more than a formal friendship at work, which breaks down the moment you transfer or she transfers or one of you quits.

    Where do you meet a potential partner then? At a grocery store?

    Online is not really an option any more. It is the only way.

    With authenticated, genuine ways to verify your identities online, such as preparing your own video profiles, or setting up skype calls, you can reduce the creep-factor, before you step out of your online avatar into your real one.
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