CBC Forum: Does online dating make it easier to find a partner?

  • I think online dating really has brought the whole dating experience to an all-time low. There's such potential for people to misrepresent themselves online, and for people to misinterpret how someone is, because so much of communication is non-verbal. Also, there's always someone potentially better at the click of a mouse, isn't there? In theory, it seemed like a good idea. Especially for those of us who aren't "mainstream" so to speak, who may find it harder to find someone in our immediate circles. However, my experience taught me the whole experience is really so superficial. What can you tell about a person with just one photo taken in a millisecond of their day? Zip. They don't always look like that, and if someone says they love the beach, for example. Does that mean they love crowded hot beaches or maybe prefer abandoned beaches on cool days? *sigh* I choose to stay single, unless someone comes along who is really compatible with me, not faking it just to have sex with me because they think I'm pretty.
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