CBC Forum: How should the NDP change?

    Ironically, what soured me on the NDP in the last election was a manifest lack of respect in some important ways ("ironically" because the NDP is usually associated with respect for others).

    In terms of policy, promising big spending and a balanced budget simply wasn't credible. It just looked like "say anything to get elected," which insults voters' intelligence.

    In terms of leadership, Tom Mulcair's constant personal slighting of Justin Trudeau in serious leadership debates was glaringly and disturbingly inappropriate.

    The negative perception was made worse by their seeming inability to hear feedback: The economic platform didn't change, and Mr. Mulcair kept insulting Mr. Trudeau, even after many commented on it.

    I couldn't tell if it was arrogance, rigidity, deafness, or just not ready for prime time. I didn't care what the reason was; they just looked less and less like a governing party as the election went on.
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