CBC Forum: How should the NDP change?

  • It's time for a new generation of leadership in the party, working collaboratively with the rank and file members to ensure that the party is renewed along the core principles that it was founded upon.

    There is an extreme wealth of talent and ability that has long been suppressed from participating within the party. This has occurred in the interests of those who would seek to maintain their positions, rather than fostering meaningful political change in our time.

    We must build a broad tent party that welcomes in many divergent voices, all united along similar principles. Only by diversifying the core of our party leadership can we engage with civil society groups, and the broader diversity of the public who support our politics, but do not vote for our party.

    Renewal must be comprehensive, and reaffirm our commitment to social justice, environmental stewardship and democracy. This can only happen through empowering the diversity of voices that have always strengthened our movement and doing our utmost to uphold transparency and democracy

    The existing leadership is capable or willing of undertaking this crucial and important work. After so many years of obstruction, only an energized base, fully engaging in the democratic structures of the party, can set in motion a series of events that will right the cours
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