CBC Forum: What steps should be taken to help Canadians with PTSD?

  • Second that Kristina. I'm also the wife of a paramedic and I have been doing a lot of self-educating
    as of late in order to understand PTSD more and getting my husband to understand the symptoms as well.
    We are heading over to the Tema Conter Gala and Conference at the end of February and I'm looking forward
    to attending the education day myself. I think it's important for anyone who interacts with first responders
    to educate themselves. I also think that more resources need to be made available to first reponders and
    that organizations should have better debriefing methods in practice. One of my husbands first calls as a paramedic was
    some extreme trauma involving an axe and a face. All other responders including the coast guard had debriefing after and
    my husband and his crew were left to just deal with it on their own. This is unacceptable. Phone calls need to be made,
    a meeting had, resources sent out, just something that shows they understand and care.
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