Canada federal election Oct. 15

CBC News will bring you the latest news from the campaign trail in our live blog every weekday from now until election day, Oct. 19.

    • in Vancouver

    The election live blog is signing off. We will be back at 7 a.m. ET tomorrow will all of your campaign coverage. We'll leave you with a few images from the day of campaigning in Quebec.
    Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau gives the thumbs-up as he leaves NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's Outremont riding after a day of questions about his former campaign co-chair Dan Gagnier'd work with TransCanada Corp. Susan Ormiston/CBC. 

    Conservative Leader Stephen Harper poses with a supporter at a campaign event in Thetford Mines, Que., Thursday. Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press

    NDP Leader Tom Mulcair poses for selfies with supporters at a rally in Sherbrooke, Que. Thursday. Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press
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