House of Commons Ticker: The Omnibudget (C-38) Debate

  • UPDATE: As of 11:30 pm, it's officially over -- well, as far as report stage debate -- with not one of the hundreds of opposition-proposed amendments passed, but a clear sense of satisfaction -- and exhaustion -- on all sides of the House. In the end, the government got its bill, but the opposition made it work for it.

    Next up: Third reading debate, which will likely wrap up Monday night, whereupon C-38 heads off to the Senate.


    The much anticipated C-38 omnibudget vote-a-thon is in full swing in the House of Commons, with members expected to hit the halfway point -- which, in this case, works out to Vote #80 -- at noon.

    I'll be posting regular updates on the progress of the vote right here, so check back regularly for all the latest news.

    For a quick refresher course on the procedural rules and political realities that will govern the next few days of parliamentary business, click here.

    You can also follow the voting schedule and peruse the full list of proposed amendments here.
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