How do we stop the spread of the Zika virus?

  • This week Brazil is starting the biggest event in the country, carnaval. The popular cities receive millions of tourists in the streets with hot weather, high humidity, bad sanitary conditions and lots of drunk people. It's the event that lots of people do unprotected sex (we even have a massive campaign for people at least use condoms!). And people are not for a second worried about zica, dengue, chikunguya, HIV, flu, economic problems or any other things. People in Brazil save the whole year for this week. The government has bigger issues right now and they are not doing anything to stop zica, they don't even have money to combat the mosquitoes. And in poor places like periferia people are on their own. Hundreds of mothers with kids being born with microcefalia are on their own, government has no infrastructure to support them.
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