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John Sauder, CBC's meteorologist in Manitoba, keeps track of weather moving across the province.


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    John's Weather Journal January 20

    When the barometric pressure drops rapidly, that means there is a tight pressure gradient in the area. A tight pressure gradient typically means strong winds. Think of it like Portage and Main. Those gusty winds coming down Portage Avenue encounter the higher building at "the windy intersection" and halve to speed up to squeeze between the buildings. That's how a tight pressure gradient works. The pressure in Winnipeg has dropped from 102.5 kPa mid day Tuesday to 98.8 kPa at mid day on Wednesday. 
    Winds at YWG are gusting over 60 km/h. In Brandon, wind gusts are over 70 km/h. There is still a wind warning in effect (as of noon) for areas west of the Red River Valley, most of the southwest portion of the province. Those winds could be as high as 90 km/h (threshold for wind warning) but should start to drop off this afternoon and evening. 
    There is also a band of snow mixed with rain moving through the southwest to east along the cold front. We'll likely see some of that in the Red River Valley this afternoon before temperatures start to fall in the evening hours. As the temps drop, the snow may start to blow around in open areas reducing visibility into the evening hours. 
    On Thursday, temps will stay steady or drop slightly through the day. We'll likely be close to -16 by the afternoon. As we head into the weekend and beyond, we head into our first extended period of colder weather so far this season. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wednesday: W @ 50/70 this afternoon.  W @ 40/60 in the evening. 
    Thursday:  NW @ 30/50 in the morning.  NW @ 20/30 in the afternoon. 
    Friday:  S @ 15/20 in the morning.  W @ 10/20 in the afternoon.
    Saturday: E @ 10 in the morning.  E @ 15/20 in the afternoon.

    John's Weather Journal January 19

    Interesting to forecast an afternoon temp of -16 on Tuesday, +2 on Wednesday, and then a -15 afternoon temp on Thursday. It doesn't happen suddenly, it starts with a rising temperature overnight Tuesday into Wednesday and a falling temperature through the day on Thursday. 
    This is a clipper that cuts across the central part of the province and draws in some very mild January air, but only for a short time. It will also drop some snow on the province, but not much in the south. Thompson can expect 5cm tonight and another 5cm on Wednesday. Here in the Winnipeg area, flurries tonight and some snow in the morning on Wednesday might amount to 1 or 2 centimetres. 
    Wind is the other story. Across the south, we'll have very gusty west winds in the afternoon. I think gusts to 70 km/h are possible and we remain windy into Wednesday evening. 
    By Thursday morning, we'll be right around -13 and that temperature will hold steady or fall slightly through the day. 
    Toward the weekend, it'll feel just like January should. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Tuesday: SW @ 15/20 this afternoon.  
    Wednesday:  SW @ 20/30 in the morning.  W @ 40/70 in the afternoon.  W @ 40/60 in the evening. 
    Thursday: NW @ 20/30 in the morning.  NW @ 20/30 in the afternoon.
    Friday: S @ 10 in the morning.  SW @ 20/30 in the afternoon.

    John's Weather Journal January 18

    Well, it sure feels a whole lot more like January. Today will be our first 'below normal' daytime high in this calendar year. Expect an afternoon temp of -16 today in Winnipeg. Tuesday will will be closer to seasonal and we'll see a few more flurries tonight and on Tuesday. There isn't much wind involved in our weather over the next couple of days either, but that will change!
    Wednesday this week could be described as a "warm blip" in the pattern. We have a rising temperture into Wednesday morning as a clipper moves into the central part of the province from the west. Most of the snow involved with this low will be north of Winnipeg but we may see a short blast of that snow in the morning, followed by mixed skies and a few flurries later in the day. It's a warm day at +1 so it'll be interesting to see how much melts on contact with the ground. Winds get very strong in the afternoon. Expect westerlies gusting to 70 km/h late in the day. 
    Thursday is also a windy day with cloudy skies and some flurries. Temps fall through the day on Thursday, back down to the mid minus teens by the afternoon. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Monday: NW @ 15/20 this afternoon.  
    Tuesday:  NW @ 10 in the morning.  W @ 10/20 in the afternoon.
    Wednesday: S @ 20/30 in the morning.  W @ 40/70 in the afternoon.
    Thursday: NW @ 20/30 in the morning.  NW @ 30/50 in the afternoon.
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