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John Sauder, CBC's meteorologist in Manitoba, keeps track of weather moving across the province.

    John's Weather Journal April 3

    A few words about how significant this cold snap is. For the second morning this week, several new cold temperature records have been set across the province (not less than 20 on Tuesday morning).

    Winnipeg is not on that list mostly because record keeping began here 145 years ago. Our record low for this date is -27.8 set back in 1932. We reached -19.8 at YWG Tuesday morning.

    Besides how cold it is, the other significant thing about this weather is how long it will last. We are into this cold snap for another week or so. 

    This kind of cold weather in late March and early April hasn't been felt across the prairies in almost 50 years. 

    Here's the good news. By Tuesday next week, I'm posting a high of 4 degrees. That sounds very springlike but it's still several days off the seasonal average mark. We'll get there, eventually. 

    In the meantime, Tuesday's high is -8, then we'll see afternoon temps bounce around between -2 and -5 for the rest of this week. 

    There are also a couple of snowflakes in my forecast for Wednesday morning and late in the day on Thursday.  

    John's 7-Day Forecast

    Wind Forecast for Winnipeg

    Tuesday:  W @ 15/20 this afternoon. 

    Wednesday:  W @ 10 in the morning.   NW @ 20/25 in the afternoon. 

    Thursday:  W @ 10 in the morning.  NW @ 20/40 in the afternoon.

    Friday:  NW @ 30/50 in the morning.  NW @ 30/40 in the afternoon.

    John's weather Journal April 2

    As I was saying last week, the first week of April will be a chilly one. 
    We are heading into the -20s across the south tonight and will stay with daytime highs that are well below the seasonal average right through the week. 
    Winter is 'hanging on' in the north as well. Overnight lows will be between -24 and -30 tonight. 
    There isn't a whole lot of weather this week in the south other than a fairly windy day on Thursday and perhaps some wet snow on Sunday. 
    I'll keep you posted on that one as it develops. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wind Forecast for Winnipeg
    Monday:  N @ 20 this afternoon. 
    Tuesday:  NW ! 10 in the morning.   NW @ 20/25 in the afternoon. 
    Wednesday:  SW @ 10/15 in the morning.  W @ 20/30 in the afternoon.
    Thursday:  NW @ 20/25 in the morning.  NW @ 30/50 in the afternoon.

    John's Weather Journal March 29

    Any time we are 10 degrees or more warmer or colder than the seasonal normals, I think it's worth discussing. So let's talk!

    This cold weather pattern fits that criteria (and some) right through the first part of the long weekend with slight moderation by Easter Sunday. 

    If there is any good news for the weekend, Friday's winds are light, however, those winds get gusty again on Saturday. 

    By Sunday afternoon, we are at -2, still 7 or 8 degrees colder than the normal high. 

    There isn't much in the way of snow or rain going through the next week or so, just cold. 

    I am tracking an accumulating snowfall south of the international border for late in the day Friday. 

    That one will spread several centimetres through Grand Forks and Fargo Friday night. It may catch the southwest corner of Manitoba Friday afternoon. 

    RPM Model showing snow south of border late Friday

    Even though we warm up slightly next week, expect the first week of April to be several degrees cooler than normal 

    John's 7-Day Forecast

    Wind Forecast for Winnipeg

    Thursday:  NW @ 20/30 this afternoon. 

    Friday: Light Wind in the morning.   SE @ 10 in the afternoon. 

    Saturday:  NW @ 25/40 in the morning.  W @ 30/50 in the afternoon.

    Sunday:  W @ 20/30 in the morning.  W @ 30/40 in the afternoon.

    John's Weather Journal March 28

    Well, that was fast! We went from spring back to winter in a few short hours. 

    It was also interesting to see the rain/snow line just north of Winnipeg. It was mostly rain in the city but there was wet snow to the north. 

    As the cold front passed the Red River Valley during rush hour this morning, the temperature dove into the minus single digits and won’t budge much through the day.

    We are into this cold weather pattern for several days, right though the Easter long weekend. 

    Winds won’t be quite as strong on Thursday but we still have a chance of a few flurries in the afternoon along with a mix of sun and cloud. 

    Then, on Good Friday, expect a sunny sky with a cold -8 high in the afternoon. Winds will be fairly light on Friday. 

    John's 7-Day Forecast

    Wind Forecast for Winnipeg

    Wednesday:  NW @ 30/50 this afternoon. 

    Thursday: W @ 10/20 in the morning.   NW @ 20 in the afternoon. 

    Friday:  NW @ 10 in the morning.  N @ 10 in the afternoon.

    Saturday:  NW @ 20/40 in the morning.  W @ 30/40 in the afternoon.

    John's Weather Journal March 27

    Wow, what a difference across the province from north to south today. We have a blizzard along the Hudson Bay coast today, and spring time 'bliss' here in the south. 

    My advice here in the south is to get outside today and enjoy the mild temps and sunshine. There is a sharp change on the way tonight. 

    This all starts with some rain late this evening and overnight here in the Red River Valley. (earlier for the west)

    That rain will be mixed with wet snow at times into Wednesday morning as a cold front passes. Winds along the cold front in the morning will be northwest at 50 to 70km/h. 

    RPM Model at 11pm Tuesday

    Winds remain strong into the afternoon as the clipper pulls away to the east and afternoon temps continue to drop. 

    Much colder weather follows this system. By Friday morning, temps will be around -16 with a high temp that day of only -7 in Winnipeg. 

    John's 7-Day Forecast

    Wind Forecast for Winnipeg

    Tuesday:  S @ 10/15 this afternoon. 

    Wednesday: NW @ 50/70 in the morning.   NW @ 30/50 in the afternoon. 

    Thursday:  SW @ 10 in the morning.  N @ 25/40 in the afternoon.

    Friday:  Light Wind in the morning.  Light Wind in the afternoon.

    John's Weather Journal March 26

    That slow melt I’ve been talking about the last couple of weeks will speed up on Tuesday, then slow down again toward the Easter weekend. 

    Monday is a ‘near miss’ day for southern Manitoba with snow to the south in North Dakota and Minnesota. 

    In the north, we have snowfall warnings through Tadoule Lake and Brochet and a winter storm watch in effect for the Hudson Bay coast as a gusty low pressure system pushes through the northern prairies today and tonight. 

    Tuesday will be the mildest day of the week in the south with highs between 4 and 6 degrees across the region. Then, a change moves in as we get ready for the Easter long weekend. 

    Expect a sharp and gusty wind shift and some rain mixed with wet snow Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Daytime highs toward the weekend will be more like -4 to -6 degrees. 

    John's 7-Day Forecast

    Wind Forecast for Winnipeg

    Monday:  Light Wind this afternoon. 

    Tuesday: W @ 20/25 in the morning.   S @ 30/40 in the afternoon. 

    Wednesday:  NW @ 40/60 in the morning.  NW @ 30/40 in the afternoon.

    Thursday:  SW @ 20/30 in the morning.  N @ 30/40 in the afternoon.

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