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John Sauder, CBC's meteorologist in Manitoba, keeps track of weather moving across the province.

  • John's Weather Journal June 26

    Rainfall amounts from Thursday evening's storms ranged widely across the city. In the southeast section of the city, 4mm was recorded and in the northwest, it was over 28mm.  This a great example of how rainfall amounts can be so different over a short distance. That's the nature of summertime convective precipitation. 
    The rest of today will be fairly sunny, a little breezy and warm. Expect highs between 27 and 29 this afternoon.
    We have a Special Weather Statement in effect from Environment Canada. The heat that is arriving this weekend will stay with us for a while thanks to an upper ridge in the eastern prairies. If we are expecting 2 consecutive days with highs around 32 degrees and the nights don't cool past 20 degrees, then we will have a Heat Warning issued. That is what we are expecting Saturday through to Tuesday. We'll have to keep an eye on the vulnerable and of course our pets. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wind Forecast For Winnipeg:
    Friday:  NW @ 20/25  this afternoon.  
    Saturday: S @ 15 in the morning.  S @ 40/50 in the afternoon.
    Sunday:   S @ 25/30 in the morning.  SE @ 30/50 in the afternoon.
    Monday:   SE @ 20/30 in the morning. SE @ 25/30 in the afternoon. 
  • John's Weather Journal June 25

    We did have that little sprinkle this morning here in Winnipeg but the afternoon will bring pretty decent outdoor weather with a sun/cloud mix and a high of 27 degrees. Winds will remain fairly brisk today as well. Later in the afternoon and through the evening, things get interesting. A cold front will pass and that will trigger showers and thunderstorms through the Red River Valley, mostly in the evening. I'm expecting these to stay sub-severe but hail and wind will be the main threats from these storms. 
    As of noon, I'm seeing that line of showers forming nicely just southwest of Brandon.
    Futurecast for 7pm. Looking like an energetic system for the evening hours.
    The sky will clear fairly early on Friday morning so expect sunshine and temps up around 27 again. Then the real heat kicks in for the weekend. Temps will be in the 30s both days. Sunday gets windy in the afternoon and there could be a few showers on Sunday overnight into Monday.
    Late in the weekend and early next week, expect heat warnings to be issued if daytime temps are close to 32 and nighttime temps are 20 or above for a couple of consecutive days. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wind Forecast For Winnipeg:
    Thursday:  SW @ 30/50  this afternoon.  
    Friday:  NW @ 15/20 in the morning.  NW @ 20/30 in the afternoon.
    Saturday:   S @ 10/15 in the morning.  S @ 30/40 in the afternoon.
    Sunday:   SE @ 25/30 in the morning. SE @ 40/60 in the afternoon. 

    John's Weather Journal June 24

    A stunning day here in southern Manitoba, and most of the north too. High pressure is centred right over the Interlake region this afternoon which means sunny skies and light winds today. Temps will be warm as well. 
    Right about this time of year, our normal temps are as high as they will get. The numbers are 12 and 25.
    I'm tracking the next system heading this way into Thursday and bring some showers and storms to the south. The timing depends on where you are. It looks like the Brandon region could get some showers or storms late this evening.
    Storms are possible SW MB late evening
    Futurecast midnight Wednesday. Storms possible SW MB
    For the rest of us, a few showers in the morning on Thursday, then a mix of sun and cloud followed by showers and storms Thursday evening. 
    Futurecast Thursday evening. Storms possible in RRV and SE MB
    We'll clear early on Friday so expect sunshine and breezy conditions on Friday afternoon. 
    The weekend brings the real heat. Expect dry conditions and temps in the 30s both Saturday and Sunday. Sunscreen will be standard equipment over the next several days. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wind Forecast For Winnipeg:
    Wednesday: Light  this afternoon.  
    Thursday: S @ 20 in the morning.  SE @  30/50 in the afternoon.
    Friday:   NW @ 20/25 in the morning.  NW @ 30/40 in the afternoon.
    Saturday:   Light in the morning. S @ 25/30 in the afternoon. 
  • John's Weather Journal June 23

    Wow, what a day across the north. Nothing but sunshine and temps are already in the 20s, even upper 20s in the Lynn Lake area.  
    Here in the south, we have a fairly sunny start to the day but there is a chance of a shower or thunderstorm later in the afternoon. Skies will clear this evening though and we are heading into a very pleasant Wednesday. If you picked Wednesday as the day to do something outside, good move!  Wednesday brings a cloud free sky and light winds. Warm too. Highs up around 27 to 28 degrees. 
    The warmth sticks around for the rest of the week. We will likely see another round of showers and storms Thursday night as a cold front pushes through. Behind that front, a slightly cooler Friday but the weekend is a hot one with temps closing in on the 30 degree mark. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wind Forecast For Winnipeg:
    Tuesday: NW @ 15/20  this afternoon.  
    Wednesday:  Light wind in the morning.  Light wind in the afternoon.
    Thursday:   S @ 15/20 in the morning.  S @ 25/30 in the afternoon.
    Friday:   NW @ 15/25 in the morning. NW @ 15/20 in the afternoon. 
  • John's Weather Journal June 22

    After a somewhat cool and unstable weekend, we are heading for warmer weather. Not so much today with a high of 20 degrees and a chance of an afternoon showers but, by mid week, we will warm up. 
    It's a small chance of a passing shower this afternoon. On Tuesday, there is also a chance for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm but our temps will be closer to seasonal at about 23 degrees. 
    Wednesday is a great day to plan something outside. There will be lots of sunshine and light winds. Highs will be up around 26 degrees. 
    The next disturbance arrives Thursday late in the day but the timing on that one is a little uncertain. Right now, it looks like we will see some showers Thursday night into Friday.
    Do you feel like we are due for a milder weekend? It does feel like that to me too. It's looking like we'll get one this time around.  
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wind Forecast For Winnipeg:
    Monday: NW @ 20/25  this afternoon.  
    Tuesday:  Light wind in the morning.  NW @ 15/20 in the afternoon.
    Wednesday:   Light wind in the morning.  Light wind in the afternoon.
    Thursday:   S @ 15/20 in the morning. SE @ 30/40 in the afternoon. 
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