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John Sauder, CBC's meteorologist in Manitoba, keeps track of weather moving across the province.

    John's Weather Journal August 31st

    Well, we can sure notice that chill in the air after Sunday's rain. The city picked up between 18 and 25mm of rain. A good soaking. 
    We're not done with the rain or the gusty winds this week and Tuesday brings both of those to the party. 
    Expect increasing cloud in the afternoon on Tuesday with some showers and a risk of a thunderstorm. Winds in the afternoon will be very strong out of the west gusting to 70 km/h at times. After a few evening showers, clouds clear overnight, only to move back in on Wednesday morning followed by more rain in the afternoon and evening. 
    Thursday, the winds pick up again and we are cool at 17 degrees in the Winnipeg area.
    There is more sunshine and seasonal temps scheduled for the end of the week and first part of the weekend. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wind Forecast For Winnipeg:
    Monday:  W @ 25/40  this afternoon.  
    Tuesday:  S @ 15 in the morning.  W @ 40/70 in the afternoon.
    Wednesday:   SW @ 10 in the morning.  SW @ 20/25 in the afternoon.
    Thursday:  NW @ 30/50 in the morning. NW @ 40/60 in the afternoon. 
  • John's Weather Journal August 27th

    I was expecting a mainly sunny day today but there is a bank of cloud drifting into southern Manitoba from the US that has given us more of a sun/cloud mix. Still, a pleasant day with not much wind involved. 
    Tonight, that changes! A low forming in Alberta will bring a cold front through Saskatchewan today, reaching the southeast corner of the province by the evening hours. That front will move through Manitoba overnight into Friday. It has potential to produce some non severe thunderstorms overnight so get the yard ready for that before going to bed tonight. 
    Friday will be a windy day behind this system. Wave action on the Manitoba lakes will be significant as well. I'm expecting a northwest wind at 30 gusting to 50 or 60 km/h through the late morning and afternoon as skies try to clear. Showers may persist into the evening hours farther east into cottage and camping country. 
    Saturday brings back the sunshine with a seasonal high of 23 degrees. Sunday, I have pushed the rain back a few hours. I think a chance of showers is likely in the afternoon but a more steady rain will begin in the evening for the Red River Valley. That will happen earlier in the west and slightly later in the east. 
    The cooler temperature trend continues into next week as we say goodbye to August and welcome September. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wind Forecast For Winnipeg:
    Thursday:  SE @ 10/15  this afternoon.  
    Friday:  NW @ 20/30 in the morning.  NW @ 30/50 in the afternoon.
    Saturday:   SW @ 10 in the morning.  SW @ 10 in the afternoon.
    Sunday:  SE @ 30 in the morning. W @ 20/30 in the afternoon. 
  • John's Weather Journal August 25th

    As expected, a cloudy start to the day today and that cloud cover will stay with us as I track some showers and thunderstorms across central parts of the province. As of noon, a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect along the Saskatchewan border north of Dauphin.
    Hard to believe we will get to 29 degrees today without the incoming solar radiation, but the showers we are seeing in the province today are along a warm front so it is a very warm air mass. 
    By Wednesday morning, winds will shift to the northwest along a cold front passage. Expect a cloudy and breezy Wednesday morning followed by some sunshine in the afternoon and a high of 26 degrees. 
    Thursday looks like a sunny day with comfortable temps in the mid 20s. Then another low passes bringing some showers overnight into Friday morning. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wind Forecast For Winnipeg:
    Tuesday:  SE @ 20/30  this afternoon.  
    Wednesday:  NW @ 30/40 in the morning.  NW @ 20/30 in the afternoon.
    Thursday:   Calm in the morning.  SE @ 10/15 in the afternoon.
    Friday:  SW @ 20 in the morning. NW @ 30/50 in the afternoon. 

    John's Weather Journal August 24th

    We start this week with some beautiful summer like weather. There is a change coming though so get outside if you can today or Tuesday morning.
    Tuesday is also a warm day but we will have cloud building across the south through the day as a warm front pushes through. There is a slight chance of a shower along that warm front, then, as a cold front passes late on Tuesday night, there is a chance again for some showers or a thunderstorm.
    Behind that system, our weather does take a gentle turn toward cooler temps. Expect a seasonal 25 on Wednesday but more like low 20s toward the weekend. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wind Forecast For Winnipeg:
    Monday:  SW @ 10/15  this afternoon.  
    Tuesday:  Light Wind in the morning.  E @ 20/25 in the afternoon.
    Wednesday:   NW @ 20/30 in the morning.  NW @ 20/30 in the afternoon.
    Thursday:  Light Wind in the morning. S @ 20 in the afternoon. 

    John's Weather Journal August 20th

    A heat warning is still in effect for the eastern prairies as of noon on Thursday. We will see that warning end as we get into Friday.
    The chance for an isolated late afternoon or evening shower exists on Thursday but we lack a trigger to get things going and there is a capping inversion in place. Still, can't rule out a passing weak thunderstorm later today. 
    It's still a warm day Friday with a better chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening.This time there is a trigger thanks to a low passing to the south of the border. Overnight, that tapers to just showers but in cottage and camping regions to the east, the showers linger on Saturday while we enjoy a sun/cloud mix in southern Manitoba. 
    By Sunday, we are mainly sunny again with high temps in the upper 20s. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wind Forecast For Winnipeg:
    Thursday:  SE @ 15/20  this afternoon.  
    Friday:  E @ 10 in the morning.  E @ 10 in the afternoon.
    Saturday:   NW @ 20/25 in the morning.  N @ 20/25 in the afternoon.
    Sunday:  S @ 10 in the morning. S @ 20/30 in the afternoon. 
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