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John Sauder, CBC's meteorologist in Manitoba, keeps track of weather moving across the province.

  • John's Weather Journal Aug. 2nd

    It’s a close call for Winnipeg, and we do need some moisture. It’s been raining all morning in the west, as expected. Looks like that will just brush by the metro area this afternoon. 

    Today is also our coolest day of the week at 21 degrees. Where it’s raining (Brandon) cooler than that, more like 17 degrees. 

    It’s back to sunshine and mid 20s for Thursday and there’s not a lot of wind involved in the next couple of days. 

    Friday afternoon, we should be at around 26 degrees with a sun/cloud mix. 

    As we approach the long weekend, look for varying amounts of cloud and sun. Our opportunities for rain are on Saturday afternoon and Sunday night.

    Wind Forecast for Winnipeg

    Wednesday: NE @ 15/20 this afternoon.

    Thursday: N @ 10/15 in the morning. N @ 15/20 in the afternoon.

    Friday: Light Wind in the morning. NW @ 10 in the afternoon.

    Saturday: Calm in the morning.   NW @ 10 in the afternoon.

  • After a beautiful sunny morning, we’ll see a few scattered clouds this afternoon with a steamy high of 29 degrees. There may even be a couple of showers out of those scattered clouds but, if it happens, it will be short-lived. Not much wind today either. 

    It's also very warm in the north today and Friday. A heat warning is in effect. Here in the south, just as warm but our criteria is a little different for a heat warning. (temps:  High of 32 or humidex of 38, low of 16 for 2 days in a row)

    Clear skies and mild temps stay with us overnight. Friday will be a scorcher at 30 to 31 degrees with a steady breeze out of the south. 

    Saturday gets interesting. We are still warm at 29 in the afternoon but a bucket full of moisture will be streaming into the south. Prepare to sweat! Dewpoint temps will be close to 20 degrees. That’s sticky for sure. 

    A weak cold front may just be enough to trigger some showers or even thunderstorms in the afternoon. Here's a look at thr RPM model guidance for that time period.

    Humidity levels will be much lower behind that frontal zone. That all leads to a more comfortable Sunday afternoon, although still warm at 28 degrees. 

    Monday has potential for some serious heat. Temps near Winnipeg should be around 31 degrees but, farther south, we could see temps up around 35 or 36 degrees. 

    There will be a very warm pool of air in eastern Montana and western North Dakota so it will be interesting to see how far north that extreme heat travels. 

    Wind Forecast for Winnipeg

    Thursday: Light Wind wind this afternoon.

    Friday: S @ 15/20 in the morning. S @ 20/30 in the afternoon.

    Saturday: S @ 20/25 in the morning. SW @ 20/25 in the afternoon.

    Sunday: NW @ 10 in the morning.   N @ 10 in the afternoon.

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