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John Sauder, CBC's meteorologist in Manitoba, keeps track of weather moving across the province.

    John's Weather Journal March 24

    Our sky is already starting to clear and that trend will continue this afternoon. It is a chilly day but that's all relative. The normal high is 2 degrees and we should get to +1 this afternoon. Our sky will be fairly clear tonight across the south. 
    Thursday, we are back to a respectful 7 degrees in the afternoon but then the approach to the weekend is messy. Thursday night, we'll likely have some snow - yes - an accumulating snow that continues into Friday morning. Friday will likely be a messy day and quite windy. 
    By Saturday, we are back to a sun/cloud mix with a chance of a wet flurry and a high of 4 degrees. Similar and slightly milder for Sunday. 
    Check Monday out (7-Day Forecast below). That's a 15 degree high and not a typo. Monday also looks like a very windy day.  I must say though, forecasts models have be flipping back and forth on how far north a batch of very mild air will move on Monday. Stay tuned on that one. 
    Behind that potential warm up, another cool down and possibly more snow by mid week. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wednesday:  N @ 20 in the afternoon
    Thursday:  SE @ 20/25 in the morning.  SE @ 30/40 in the afternoon.  
    Friday:  S @ 30/50 in the morning.  SW @ 10 in the afternoon.  
    Saturday:  NW @ 10/15 in the morning.  NW @ 20 in the afternoon.  
  • John's Weather Journal March 23

    As I write this just after noon on Tuesday, there is a rather messy weather to the west and north of the city. Here is a satellite/radar inage from around 12:33pm.
    Band of SNOW west of Winnipeg at 12:30pm.
    This is a cold front that is almost stationary but will eventually swing through this area. Temps are struggling, even falling on the west side of the front. Brandon has fallen below zero and temps in Dauphin have been tanking through the morning, well below zero in the early afternoon. Our temperature in Winnipeg will top out at around 5 degrees, then fall into the evening with a chance of showers and flurries. 
    Wednesday is the cold day of the week. Expect a high of just +1. 
    Thursday, we are back to a respectful 5 degrees in the afternoon but then the approach to the weekend is messy. Friday brings showers that will change to flurries by Saturday morning. 
    Get ready for a much cooler weekend than last. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Tuesday:  N @ 25/40 in the afternoon
    Wednesday:  N @ 20/30 in the morning.  N @ 20 in the afternoon.  
    Thursday:  SE @ 20 in the morning.  SE @ 20/30 in the afternoon.  
    Friday:  SE @ 20/30 in the morning.  NW @ 20 in the afternoon.  
  • John's Weather Journal March 22

    Earlier today, I re-tweeted some information from my meteorology colleague Rob Paola about precipitation amounts so far this year. Winnipeg (airport data) has received just 14.5mm of precip (rain and melted snow) since January 1st. In a normal year, we would receive 48mm by late March. So dry right now. 
    We start the week on the mild side but there is a cool down coming. I'm tracking a system south of the border on Tuesday that will generally keep the nasty stuff out of southern Manitoba, but there is a cold front scheduled to move through the south late in the day. We'll have a cloudy day with a high of 10 degrees on Tuesday, then a rapid cool down and possibly a few flurries as the front moves through in the late afternoon/evening. You'll also notice a wind shift to the north (30 - 40 km/h) with the passage of the front. 
    Wednesday will be cloudy to start but skies clear in the afternoon as we experience a cool +1 for a daytime high. 
    The second half of the week is closer to seasonal temperature-wise with some showers possible on Friday and some flurries possible on Saturday. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Monday:  S @ 20 this afternoon.   
    Tuesday:  E @ 10 in the morning.  E @ 10 in the late afternoon. N @ 30/40 in the evening. 
    Wednesday:  N @ 20/30 in the morning.  NW @ 20/25 in the afternoon.
    Thursday: SE @ 10 in the morning.  SE @ 30/40 in the afternoon.
  • John's Weather Journal March 18

    We are in a stable weather pattern here across the south and the upper level ridge is bringing the mild conditions to the eastern prairies. That ridge extends well into northern Manitoba today with temps across the north rising to well above seasonal normals. 
    Friday across the south will be the same kind of day as today only a little warmer and a lot windier. Expect gusts in the afternoon to reach 50 km/h from the south. 
    Saturday starts with a bright sky but doesn't end that way. Clouds increase through the day and the weather pattern becomes less stable heading into Saturday night. Expect a few showers Saturday into Sunday as overnight temps stay quite warm at 5 degrees.
    Sunday is the cloudy day of the weekend and there is a chance for showers with northwest winds gusting to 60 km/h. I'm thinking a good spring cleaning day.
    Cooler conditions settle in next week but still nothing that is below seasonal, just cooler than we are seeing this week. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Thursday:  S @ 20/25 this afternoon.   
    Friday:  S @ 20/30 in the morning.  S @ 30/50 in the late afternoon. 
    Saturday:  S @ 30/40 in the morning.  S @ 25/30 in the afternoon.
    Sunday: SW @ 15/20 in the morning.  NW @ 40/60 in the afternoon.
  • John's Weather Journal March 17

    As expected, the sun has shown up and it looks like skies will stay generally clear across the south right through to Saturday. In the immediate future, winds drop right off tonight under clear skies. Thursday will be an almost cloud-free day with winds shifting to the south and picking up in the afternoon. 
    Friday will be sunny, windy and mild. Over the next several days, we will enjoy double digit daytime highs. 
    Late on Saturday, things get a little less stable. There is a chance of showers overnight Saturday into Sunday. Sunday will be cloudy but still mild. 
    By mid next week, we could be looking at a mix of showers and flurries. More details to come as that system develops. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Wednesday:  NW @ 20 this afternoon.   
    Thursday:  Calm wind in the morning.  S @ 20/25 in the late afternoon. 
    Frisday:  S @ 20 in the morning.  S @ 30/50 in the afternoon.
    Saturday: S @ 20/30 in the morning.  S @ 40/50 in the afternoon.
  • John's Weather Journal March 16

    We are enjoying some bonus sunshine here in the northern Red River Valley and southern Interlake regions as of mid day Tuesday.
    That clear patch extends west of the RRV out to Portage la Prairie. It's an isolated hole in the cloud at this point and could fill in with little notice.
    Further west, we have a stalled cold front that is producing light snow near Dauphin and southwest from there though Rossburn, Russell and Birtle. That front eventually makes its way east toward the Red River Valley but likely won't reach the Winnipeg area until well
    after dark - more like 4:00 in the morning on Wednesday. 
    Wednesday clears around mid day and that starts another strecth of sunny weather into the weekend. Temps will start to warm up again with daytime highs in the double digits starting Friday. Friday and Saturday both look quite windy so plan accordingly. 
    As far as precipitation is concerned, we remain dry. My friend Rob (@robsobs) crunched some numbers for us and found that so far this year (Jan 1st - March 15th), Winnipeg has recorded the second driest start to the year. We have had only 32% of our normal precipitation up to this point. I don't see much in our near future either. 
    Radar shows the light snow falling to the west at noon Tuesday
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Tuesday:  S @ 10 this afternoon.   
    Wednesday:  NW @ 10/20 in the morning.  NW @ 20 in the late afternoon. 
    Thursday:  Calm in the morning.  S @ 10 in the afternoon.
    Friday: S @ 20 in the morning.  S @ 40/60 in the afternoon.
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