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John Sauder, CBC's meteorologist in Manitoba, keeps track of weather moving across the province.

  • John's Weather Journal March 29

    An interesting weather system tracks acoss the southern and central part of the province today, tonight, and Tuesday. This one brings everything including rain, freezing rain, snow, blowing snow, damaging winds and a sharp temperature drop tonight leading to a fast freeze up. Needless to say, the warning map is quite colourful. 
    As of noon, Winnipeg is at 9 degrees on our way to a possible 17 this afternoon. This evening, we'll be in the rain and Brandon will be in the snow and blowing snow. Evening winds in the west could top 100 km/h and overnight winds in the Red River Valley will likely top 80 km/h. After some evning showers or rain, temps dive into the -9 range quickly behind the cold front leading to a fast freeze up, all while snow and blowing snow take over as we try to sleep.
    Across central Manitoba, 15-25cm of snow is possible with winds gusting to at least 70 km/h. If we don't see a Blizzard Warning, it's because those conditions may not last for four hours. Still, a Winter Storm Warning is in effect for central MB and a Snowfall Warning is in effect for the north end of the big lakes. 
    The southwest is under a Wind Warning for those gusts over 90 km/h. 
    The system gradually tracks out on Tuesday but winds stay strong through the day so blowing snow will still be an issue in open areas. 
    Snowfall amounts won't be all that high across the south, perhaps 2cm, but it will blow around reducing visibility. 
    Tuesday's high is around -7 but we rebound into the mid teens by Friday. 
    Overnight Wind Gusts - 3am Tuesday
    Futurecast showing rain in Wpg and snow in Brandon Monday evening
    Weather Statement and Warnings as of noon Monday
    Monday:  SW @ 40/60 in the afternoon. SW @ 50/80 tonight. 
    Tuesday:  NW @ 40/70 in the morning.  NW @ 40/60 in the afternoon.  
    Wednesday:  NW @ 10/20 in the morning.  SW @ 15/20 in the afternoon.  
    Thursday:  S @ 20/25 in the morning.  S @ 30/40 in the afternoon.  

    John's Weather Journal March 25

    We enjoy sunshine here in the southeast as cloud and even a rain/snow mix hits the western sections of the province today. Clouds will eventually move across to the Red River Valley tonight as the low moves east. Expect a band of rain mixed with wet snow in Winnioeg overnight followed by wet snow in the morning. The rest of Friday is simply messy with wet snow to the north of the Trans-Canada and showers to the south. Winds are strong to start the day but ease through the afternoon. 
    There is a snowfall warning (as of noon Thursday) for the extreme NW corner of the province and much of northern SK. That warning may be expended eastward as the system develops into Manitoba tonight. General amounts of snow across the north and central parts of MB will be in the 10-15cm range by late Friday. Most of what lands in the south will melt on contact. 
    Low over SK on Thursday bringing snow to MB tonight and Friday
    Check Monday out (7-Day Forecast below). I have bumped the afternoon high up to 19 degrees. There is potential for a 20 degree reading which doesn't happen often in March. You'll want to take advantage of that brief warm up. Tuesday will be 20 degrees colder than Monday. 
    John's 7-Day Forecast
    Thursday:  SE @ 30/50 in the afternoon
    Friday:  S @ 30/40 in the morning.  W @ 10/15 in the afternoon.  
    Saturday:  NW @ 10 in the morning.  NW @ 20 in the afternoon.  
    Sunday:  Light wind in the morning.  S @ 30/50 in the afternoon.  
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