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  • Listen to tape from the finish line at Legs for Literacy. This is the item from Information Morning on Monday.

  • My favourite moment of the 5 K - crossing the finish line with my sweet boy and superfan Judson. Next year he says he is going to run the entire race with me!

  • Con Simon - our first finisher with a time of 24:38 races all the way to the finish line!

  • Our Radio Runners after the race! Including honourary team member 'Wooly' - Jessica Doria Brown's baby.

  • Our final Monday run before Legs for Literacy, from left to right are Andrew Graham, Patricia Gallant, Jessica Doria-Brown, Vanessa Blanch, Sheida Shaw, Roxanne Morrell, Jacqueline MacNichol, Bill Godfrey, Terri & Con Simon, Kris Acker (in front)

  • CBC's Radio Runners tell Jonna what they want to hear her say when they cross the finish line Part2

  • CBC's Radio Runners tell Jonna what they want her to say when they cross the finish line Part1

  • WEEK 9

    Monday night was our final Running Room clinic before race day and naturally we were talking about how we will all prepare for our first 5K. Kris and Roxanne shared their best advice: stick with what you know! As always they had horror stories from people who have taken the wrong approach. So, in a nutshell, before the big race, don't eat anything you aren't used to, get a good night of sleep on Friday night and be organized. That means laying out your weather appropriate clothes for the run the night before.

    Information Morning host Jonna Brewer will be announcing the runners at Legs for Literacy at the finish line with CBC News New Brunswick at 5 and 6 host Harry Forestell on Sunday. So to prepare Jonna, I collected some great tape from all of the members of the CBC Radio Runners on Monday night. They told Jonna how she will be able to recognize them, and what they'd like to hear her say when they cross the finish line. If you missed this on the show you can listen here.
  • CBC Radio Runners enjoy a surprise smoothie from Booster Juice. (from left to right: Bill Godfrey, Terri & Con Simon, Me-Vanessa, Jacqueline MacNichol, coach Roxanne Morrell, Andrew Graham and Don Roper)


    I just wanted to send a big thank-you out to Michael Coleman who surprised the CBC Radio Runners with Booster Juice after our run on Monday night. He brought 20 large smoothies - mango hurricane and tropical tornado - and as you can see they were a big hit with the eight of us who turned out. (that's 2+ smoothies per runner - no need to eat supper) Since he had extras the folks at the Running Room enjoyed a 'boost' as well and my son also got a treat on Monday night.
    Booster Juice is a sponsor of the 5k race at Legs for Literacy.

    Next week I'm going to help out CBC Information Morning host Jonna Brewer. She will be at the Legs for Literacy event along with Harry Forestell of CBC television to call the race and has been told to 'brush up on her running lingo.' I'm going to ask the members of our team what they want to hear Jonna and Harry say as they cross the finish line. We're almost there!
  • Katherine Lewis demonstrates some of her favourite stretches.

  • WEEK 8

    It was a blustery night on the trail Monday and the wind was in our faces as we set out to run EIGHT minutes! I was expecting to run for seven but it turns out we skip lucky number seven and move right on to eight minutes and then on to ten. So last night was run for eight, walk for one, times two plus a bonus of two minutes of running. I know - it's learn to run PLUS a math lesson every week.

    We had a smaller group that normal and it seemed like people were feeling a bit worn out. Thankfully we had guest speaker and Yogi Katerine Lewis there to pull us out of our Monday night funk. She was talking stretching and the benefits of mindful exercise, as opposed to mindless exercise.

    Katherine confessed to having always been one of those "bigger, better, harder, faster, more" type of fitness nuts until she discovered yoga. Since then she has been incorporating her yoga intuition into everything - including running - and says it has made a huge difference when it comes to preventing injuries.

    She showed us all some of her favourite stretches (see the photo!) and talked about the journey of good fitness - mentally and physically. I was struck by her discussion of mental exercise and how just showing up for our clinic every Monday is the hardest part of running. Terry and Don had their hands in the air immediately and both confessed that putting their sneakers on last night was the last thing they felt like doing. As Katherine said, that's the hard part and she has NEVER been disappointed after heading out to exercise no matter what. Who has ever walked away and thought "man, that run was a mistake" or "God, I wish I didn't do that yoga class."

    Katherine and her husband will both be taking part in the expo at the Delta Beausejour on the Saturday ahead of Legs for Literacy. Their workshop on yoga for runners sounds great.
  • Hear what inspired Radio Runner Bill Godfrey to learn to run - again.

  • WEEK 7

    We are up to 6 and 1's this week and everyone was looking fit and happy on the trail.

    Before we headed out physiotherapist Christine Haley explained how to prevent and treat some of the most common injuries in runners. She started out on a bit of a low note for me (I just turned 40) by announcing that between the ages of 35 and 45 we lose five per cent of our muscle mass, along with some of our flexibility. Great. But she came back and reminded us all that there are lots of people in better shape at 45 than they were at 25 and we can all stay strong and flexible if only we work at it.

    Christine says women are often flexible but weak - especially our cores and our hips. She gave us all a piece of tubing and showed us some quick exercises to strengthen those weak spots. Men on the other hand are often strong but not very flexible. She also shared her favourite stretch.

    The CBC Radio Runners ran for 6 minutes and walked for 1 on Monday night - times 3! It is remarkable to me how NOT difficult it was and how we all (I think) feel like we could keep going at the end.

    Tonight (Thursday, October 3) Running Room founder John Stanton will be at the Moncton store with some tips for race day followed by some drills. It all starts at 6 pm and tomororw (Friday, October 4) he'll join Jonna and I on 106.1 fm to take your calls at 8 am and answer all of your running questions.
  • Jessica hits the boardwalk behind the Running Room and stretches after our run on Monday night.

  • Andrew Graham, Patricia Gallant and Sheida Shaw talk to me about their motivation and their race day goals after Monday's run.

  • Elizabeth Nicholl shares her nutrition secrets with the CBC Radio Runners (many of who are trying to avoid my camera!)

  • WEEK 6

    Week 6 was cool along the trail. We had a good turnout as usual and a new set of trainers as Kris and Roxanne are both out of town. "Junk food Joanie" and Cindy stepped up to lead us in our five minute runs.

    Before we hit the windy trail, Elizabeth Nicoll was our guest speaker on the topic of nutrition. We talked about what we should be eating, and when we should be eating it. Elizabeth told us horror stories of what can happen when runners try someting new before a big run. She also explained why she sticks with one breakfast: oats, milk and a banana (carbs + protein + fat), Elizabeth said runners travel with their favourite foods - on a recent trip with three others she said they had five coolers full of food! Now that's dedication.

    We didn't just talk food - we also talked hydration. And there were more horror stories about NOT drinking enough water during races. Trainer Emma said you should think of drinking throughout the day, and compared staying hydrated to a sprinkler watering a lawn. You drink smaller amounts throughout the day rather than one big gulp.

    Of course the conversation came around to our vices in food and drink, and how running can make up for our sins. Elizabeth confessed that when she began running it was to make up for her love of drinking wine. However, she says as she began to enjoy running more and more, that has shifted. These days she doesn't "run to drink" but rather "eats and drinks to run."

    The other experienced runners in the crowd concurred. Saying it's a complete change in your approach. Instead of running to lose weight, Emma said she now wants to lose weight to make herself a better runner.

    Our CBC Radio Runners looked fantastic as we took on our three "five and ones" plus two. Translation: walk one minute and run for five minutes three times, followed by a two minute run. Con, Andrew and Sheida were WAY out in front Monday night as they have set their goals for race day. Andrew and Sheida are hoping to run the 5 k in 25-30 minutes! They nearly made it to the bridge - which were told means they are already up to running the full distance of the race.

    Four weeks to go and I know we will all be ready!

  • IT'S WEEK 5!

    Now it's getting serious. We are running four minutes, and walking for one minute. Our Monday night run was wet and cool but it didn't take long for us to heat up.

    Before we got started, retired physiotherapist Sharon Keays Wade was our guest speaker at The Running Room. She is a marathon runner with excellent advice about how to run efficiently and safely.

    Good posture and deep breating in running are the KEAYS (get it? keys?) to success. In addition to that we talked about looking at the horizon to ensure you aren't bouncing too much and the importance of shortening your stride. Sharon gave us just the right amount of information so we could make some improvements, but not obsess.

    After the talk it was time to think about those tips. The weather was lousy (remember - no bad running weather, just bad running gear) but we still had a great turnout. Con, Sheida and Andrew continue to be our frontrunners. Our trainer Kris didn't want to put numbers on it - but was predicting they would all finish the 5 k at Legs for Literacy in less than 30 minutes.

    Some members of our CBC Radio Runners team have been sidelined by injuries but they continue to persevere. We may have a few walkers on October 27 so you'll see our red CBC shirts throughout the race!

    Four minutes of running was tough but still do-able. Kris continues to believe that we will all be running throughout the winter, and that we will all be signing up for the Learn to Run 5k and Learn to Run 10k clinics. She says at the half-way point of the clinic she is confident she has us hooked. As she says the more you do it, the more you want to. I confess I am looking forward to tonight - and my second attempt at running those four and ones as the sun sets on the river.

    Go Radio Runners! :)
  • The CBC Radio Runners hit the trail - wearing our CBC breathable shirts! We recently learned "cotton is rotten" when it comes to running.

  • WEEK 4!

    Time is flying!

    And fall is definitely in the air. So it made sense that this week's chat would be able clothing. An important lesson we learned last night: cotton = rotten! Who knew?? Contrary to what many of us have been told about cotton and it's breath-ability, apparently polyester is where it's at when it comes to "technical gear" for keeping cool (and staying warm) during a run.  So we were all thoroughly schooled on layering; how to layer, what to layer. And much to the horror of at least a few of us (I won't name any names), the topic of running in the winter was brought up. Snow, ice...these are things dedicated runners apparently embrace by having the right gear. As our trainers say: there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. 

    Luckily for us, it was BEAUTIFUL last evening as we embarked upon this week's challenge of running for 3 minutes (3 minutes straight!!) and walking for 1. The group was definitely up to the challenge, I didn't see anyone stop before those little beeps coming from the watches of Kris and Roxanne that tell us we can (thank goodness!) go back to walking. A lot of energy and dedication from the entire team, high fives all around!

    NEXT: Run Club on Wednesday...looking forward to feeling a little less winded during those 3 minute spurts (Roxanne tells me that you're supposed to be able to carry on a normal conversation, otherwise you're working too hard) and seeing the rest of the gang....go CBC Radio Runners!! 

    The group is lookin' fine after 3 and 1s :) 
    by jessica.doria-brown

  • Week 3 of training for Legs for Literacy and a couple of themes are emerging:

    1/ Committment
    2/ Pacing

    On Labour Day five of us turned out for a holiday morning run along with our Running Room trainer extraordinaire Kris Acker. I brought along my recorder with big plans for interviews with members of the CBC Radio Runners.

    Kris and team members Jackie MacNichol, Bill Godfrey and Terri Simon were all great sports and did interviews with me as we ran along the trail. Terri's husband Con showed off his sprinting skills, she told me, in hopes of avoiding my microphone (I will get you and Sheida next week Con!).

    Bill told me about his new sneakers which have replaced his last battered pair with the hole that exposed his big toe. Terri told me how great she felt after finishing the run and Jackie and I agreed that the committment to running three times every week was a big part of the challenge.

    Unfortunately my right hand, which was holding the recorder, was slowly nudging the record level dial downwards with every stride. By the end of the run the tape was rolling, but you couldn't hear a thing. Arghhhh! I will try again on Monday.

    I went out for my second run of the week on Wednesday evening. I am not a big fan of big crowds but I had a great time. Our team even had some extra company from a running club in Riverview.

    Kendra and some of her team members are big CBC fans and wanted to join us which was awesome! (We will be working on converting the rest of their team to 106.1 fans as the weeks go on, :))

    We're now up to two minutes of running and one minute of walking, seven times. It's hard to imagine we're going to make it to ten minutes of running.

    The last parting bit of wisdom from Kris last night, as I was telling her I felt like I COULD do one more round of walking/running...you shouldn't keep going until you feel like throwing yourself onto the pavement and puking (okay - I said the puking part not Kris). We want to finish with a little gas in the tank.

    I'm looking forward to Sunday morning and our next clinic on Monday. So far I believe we can do it!

  • Second week of Legs for Literacy training with the Running Room!

    We had a great second meeting yesterday! First, because we were invited to bring buddies. Vanessa and I forgot to bring buddies, but we're each other's buddies so it was OK ;) Other team members did bring a friend though, so it was nice to have a larger group of (budding) running enthusiasts! Yesterday we talked about shoes and learned that they should be replaced every 500-800K - which seems like an eternity, but apparently once we start going, and running further more regularly, those kms will add up. My own shoes are definitely not up to par - considering I bought them in 2010 and they are still wet from when I wore them in a stream at Fundy National Park on the weekend. So a think a shoe investment is in my future.  

    For our run, we headed towards Dieppe, walking for one minute and running for one. When its time to start running, the instructor's watch starts beeping. That beeping also happens when its time to stop running and start walking again. So the beeps have some to signify sweet little breaks. The minute goes by quite quick. But ask me how quick it goes by next week....when we move up to 2 minutes of running - yay!

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