Mike Duffy trial: Day 8

Live coverage of the trial of suspended senator Mike Duffy from CBC reporters inside and outside the courtroom.

    After hearing from just two Crown witnesses over the course of the first
    seven days, the pace of the trial of Senator Mike Duffy increased dramatically
    on Thursday.

    By the end of the day, not only had the marathon questioning of Senate human
    resources officer Sonia Makhlouf wrapped up, but three additional witnesses had
    been questioned, cross-examined, re-examined and released:

    • Ashley Cain, a former volunteer who sorted mail and business cards in
      Duffy's office in 2010, and received a $500 check from Maple Ridge Media, one of
      several companies affiliated with Gerald Donohue
    • Jacqueline Lambert, a make-up artist who prepped Duffy for a photo session
      in the Senate Chamber, and also made up both the senator and Prime Minister
      Stephen Harper for a Parliament Hill question-and-answer session with the G20
      National Youth Caucus
    • Mike Croskery, a personal trainer who received $10 K over three years for
      "consulting services' related to the exercise needs of the elderly, which
      were conducted in conjunction with one-on-one fitness sessions with Duffy.

    Read a full rundown of what happened on Day 8, read the CBC News
    recap here.

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