Northern Ontario forest fires - July 25

    The view from the northwest

    We gave you the forecast from the northeast earlier. So what does it look like in the northwest? 
    There are 70 active fires in that area, down from the 77 there were yesterday.
    63 of these fires are either under observation, being held or are under control. That means 7 are out of control

    There were two new fires identified Wednesday: one in Dryden and the other in the Nipigon district. The fire in Dryden was small, 0.1 hectares and was extinguished as of Wednesday afternoon. The Nipigon fire is about 0.2 hectares in size.

    The view from the northeast

    There are still 55 active fires in the northeast, the same amount as yesterday. But the number of fires out of control has dropped, largely thanks to the wet weather.
    38 of the fires are being held, under control or being observed. 17 are still out of control, including Parry Sound 33.
    Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry spokesperson Shayne McCool says the rain allowed crews to "make good headway" on all these fires, but that it will "take some time" to get them contained.

    Where are the new fires?

    There are five new fires that have sprung up since we last spoke.
    Three are in the northwest. One is on Savant Lake, in the Sioux Lookout district. It is small, 0.5 hectares in size and is caused by lightning. It is being held. Another is on Red Lake, 0.1 hectares big and also caused by lightning. It is under control. The final in the northwest is on Feist Lake along the road between Dryden and Kenora. It is 0.1 hectares in size and is being held. The difference is this one was caused by humans.
    The other two fires are in the northeast. One has popped up south of Longlac and the Ginoogaming First Nation. It is small, 0.2 hectares in size, but is not under control. The cause was lightning.
    The final is just outside of Kirkland Lake. It is 0.1 hectares in size and caused by lightning. The good news is it is under control.
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