Northern Ontario forest fires - July 26

    Parry Sound 33 grows 1,100 hectares

    We've just learned the big fire that started near Henvey Inlet has grown a lot bigger over the last day ... growing to more than 6,700 hectares from 5,600 when it was measured yesterday.
    The winds have become an issue for firefighters on the ground there.

    Winds whip up Key River forest fire, Parry Sound 33 up to 6,700 hectares

    Shifting winds were an unexpected challenge yesterday for fire fighters working Parry Sound 33. That forest fire has been burning for over a week now, and while the MNRF said this week's rain was a help, the fire picked up again Wednesday.

    Where are the new fires?

    There are seven new fires since we last spoke. 
    Two are in the Sioux Outlook district. Both are small -- 0.1 hectares and 0.2 hectares -- and were both caused by lightning. They are not under control.
    Another cluster of fires are in a line south of highway 11, between Hearst and Greenstone. A fire south of Hearst is 2 hectares, started by lightning and is not under control. Over in the Wawa district, a small 0.1 hectare fire is now under control. The cause is unknown. Finally, a fire south of Longlac is being held. It is 0.2 hectares and was also caused by ... lightning!
    There's a fire near Thornbury Lake in the Nipigon district that's not under control. It is larger compared to most new fires ... 20 hectares in size and was also caused by lightning. 
    Finally, there's another new fire in the Nipigon district though much more north, just below Greig Lake. It was also caused by lightning, 0.2 hectares in size and is not under control.
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