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    Saturday Morning Update
    No major changes this morning to my snowfall, ice and rainfall map posted below...
    I'll have some more updates later this afternoon following one more round of model data.
    Stay tuned and have a great Saturday :) 
    =Friday Afternoon Update=
    Happy Friday folks!
    I've added some totals to my map. I'll stress again the need to check back on the forecast this weekend. Just a slight shift in the storm track and these totals could change for your backyard. With that said, here are some of the highlights. Full meal deal tonight at 6pm on CBC-TV!
    • For Nova Scotia, ~5 cm of snow for most, mixes to ice pellets, freezing rain and then rain through the afternoon. The snow (5-10 cm) and freezing rain will likely hang on longer into Sunday evening for the valley and northern NS, especially in Colchester and Cumberland counties. With the ground frozen solid, the heavy rain through evening and overnight hours will likely lead to localized flooding across most of the Province, including Halifax. Southerly winds gusting 80-100 km/h, and even 100+ over Cape Breton on Sunday night will shift to west and northwest on Monday, which will lead to a big freeze up.
    • For New Brunswick, we have heavy snow set for central areas of the Province. 30 to 60 cm, that's 1 to 2 feet is looking set through Monday. In the south we're looking at snow mixing with ice pellets and then freezing rain and rain. At this point, southern New Brunswick and western PEI appear to have the best chance of significant freezing rain on Sunday evening and overnight. Meanwhile in the north and northeast, heavy snow and winds gusting 60-80+ km/h will lead to blizzard like conditions, especially out towards the Northumberland shore region. Snow tapers to flurries through Monday as temperatures drop.
    Again, I'll have more details tonight at 6pm on CBC-TV and through the day on Saturday on radio, Twitter, Facebook and right here on the live blog.
    Stay tuned!
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