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  • Alick Tsui on Twitter

    Twitter“Beautiful morning after the snowfall Jan/16 @ryansnoddon @CityofStJohns @weathernetwork @DiscoverNL @DestinationSJ @DestinationCAN @CBCNL”
  • Snow For The Avalon & Metro Tonight
    -Some uncertainty remains, however snow at times heavy begins this evening, continues overnight, ending early Monday. More details below.-
    An incoming quick moving system is looking set to bring significant snow to parts of the Avalon Peninsula's tonight, with lighter snow back towards the Burin, Clarenville and Bonavista Peninsula region.
    The system will bring widespread shovelable 5-10 cm amounts of snow to the Avalon and Burin, however a heavier narrow snow band will likely bring some 10-20 cm amounts and will have some gassing up the snow blower in the morning.
    The exact location of that narrow band of heavy snow, especially with shuffling model guidance has been tough to nail down. Just a slight shift in the track and those amounts shift north or even south offshore. With that said, based on the latest guidance, St. John's and the Metro region and across the Southern Avalon have the best chance of seeing this heavier snow band move through. It's these areas where amounts are looking more likely to range from 10-20 cm, and locally some may see some amounts closer to 25 cm.
    In terms of timing, the snow is already spreading in early this evening in the south will quickly move north into Metro in the 8-10 pm range. The snow will ramp up fast with heavy periods of snow most likely from mid-evening through the mid-overnight hours across the Avalon. By the time we get to the early morning hours of Monday it'll just be lingering flurries and light accumulation. Flurries clear by late morning.
    Our snow will be fluffy and although the heaviest snow will have departed, Northwest winds gusting 60-70 km/h will lead to blowing and drifting snow across the region for the morning commute. Leave yourself extra time to shovel out the car and get to work. 
  • Snow & Wind Tonight Into Monday Morning
    -Snowfall amounts ranging from 5-10 cm to 10-25 cm with gusts to 70 km/h-
    Snow and gusty winds look set for the Avalon and Burin Peninsula's, edging into Clarenville and Bonavista as well, as a developing system tracks over or just Southeast of the Island beginning this evening, continuing through tonight and into Monday morning.
    Most of this region is looking set to see generally 5-10 cm of snowfall through Monday morning, however a narrow more intense band from this system will likely setup across parts of the Avalon and Burin tonight, dropping a more substantial swath of 10-20 cm of snow... perhaps up to 25 cm locally. The main issue is, the exact location of this band is still uncertain with plenty of disagreement in the model guidance.
    Our system is only now developing and this heavy snow band will be narrow, likely not much wider than about 50 km, with a sharp and quick drop in totals to its North and South. Just a slight shift in track will make a big difference for who sees amounts closer to 5-10 cm and those that see the 10-20+ cm amounts.
    While not all of of us will see totals this high, those of us in the St. John's Metro region, across the Southern Avalon and even the Southern Burin Peninsula appear have the best chances of seeing this heaviest snowfall as of now. There's still a chance this intense band could set up just offshore as well. The incoming afternoon forecast models should shed some better light on our freshly forming system, so check back here to the blog for updates.
    The good news? The bulk of the snow will fall this evening and overnight, ending before 7 am tomorrow morning with just lingering flurries through the morning hours across the Southeast.
    The bad news? You'll have snow to clear before you leave for work and the accumulated snow overnight will be easily blown and drifted across the roads as winds gust 60-70 km/h across the Avalon and Burin during the Monday morning commute. Expect a slick and snowy drive on Monday.
    More updates to come later today.
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