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  • Happy Monday!
    Hey I hope you had a great weekend! The story today across the Province is our approaching warm front which is spreading in Snow, Ice Pellets, Freezing Rain before finally changing over to Rain and Drizzle as temperatures rise across the Province tonight.
    Snow & Ice accumulations will be light for the Island (Trace-2 cm), however in Labrador, HV-GB to Wabush and the North Coast of Labrador look set to pick up ~5 cm through Tuesday morning.
    Temperatures will continue to rise on Tuesday with temperatures across the Island flirting with the double digits for most and even sealing the deal across parts Central, the Northeast Coast & Metro, highs 9°-12°. With the onshore Southwest flow, periods of drizzle & fog are on the menu to start the day across much of the Island, however some Sun breaks into the afternoon for inland areas of the West Coast and then across Central & the Northeast Coast including Metro. Periods drizzle & fog persist for the South Coast with highs 6°-8°. Winds breezy across the Island with gusts 50-60+ km/h.
    Labrador will tap into this mild air mass as well, with periods of drizzle for the Straits, but some Sunshine breaking through for inland areas of the Southeast and into HV-GB with highs 8°-12°. Most of North Coast will see temperatures rise into the mid-high single digits as well with Freezing Rain changing to Rain, however it appears that warm front won't quite lift North above Nain with another 5 cm possible and then another 5 cm for Tuesday night. Lab West will change from Snow to Rain tonight, then back to Snow & Ice Pellets on Tuesday, with forecast models flirting another 5-10+ cm through Wednesday morning. Stay tuned.
    It appears our cold front will indeed hold back long enough for much of the Island & even Southeastern Labrador to see yet another mild one on Wednesday. Once again we'll see periods of drizzle in the morning, with some inland Sunny periods for Central & Northeast areas of the Island, with more persistent drizzle & fog along the South Coast. Afternoon showers for the West Coast & Eastern Labrador as our cold front approaches from the West. With building clouds and showers, Southeast Labrador to Western Newfoundland should see highs in the high single and low double digits range, while Central & Northeastern Newfoundland, including Metro could see temps in the 12°-15° range.
    Winds increase ahead of our front with Southerly Gusts in the 60-70+ km/h range.
    Long Range
    Our cold front sweeps through Newfoundland with showers on Wednesday night into Thursday morning, with chilly temperatures (highs near 0° for the Island) back on the menu under clearing skies for Thursday. High pressure continues do dominate and temperatures slowly recover for Good Friday and into the Easter Weekend.
    An update on tonight, Tuesday, Wednesday and your complete 7 day forecast tonight on Here & Now.
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