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    It was a brutally long Winter and now Spring... with it's Snow & Ice and Northerly winds... has been no picnic either across most of the Province. However we're finally going to flick a switch this week across NL, with a pattern change and a wind change, which will have us all breathing a sigh of relief. Of course, we have a couple of days to go first...
    Early Week
    An area of High pressure off to the Northwest is going to slowly settle into the Province this week, however it's going to take it's time as it moves in winds around the High are going to be in from the North, today, tonight, Tuesday and even into Wednesday across the Island, which will keep temperatures cool along the North Coast, but we'll still see some double digits inland parts of Central. That area of high pressure will also keep things calm with Sunshine in the mix over the next 3 days. The exception being a weak disturbance over Coastal & Central Labrador today, bringing a chance of showers and flurries, which will drift South and bring a chance of flurries to Central, the Northeast Coast & Metro tonight & into Tuesday.
    Late Week
    As high pressure moves Southward, we're going to see winds shift to Southwest across Labrador on Wednesday and then Newfoundland on Thursday, bringing with it a nice warm airmass with temperatures into the teens for inland parts of the Island, including Central & Northeast Newfoundland, including Metro. It looks like HV-GB across to Southeastern Labrador should see temps into the teens. As the Southwest flow continues, we'll see temperatures even warmer into Friday, with temperatures into the high teens for many and even low 20's are looking possible for Central/West Newfoundland as of now. Sun in the mix across the Island for Thursday, clouds thicker for Friday with a slight chance of showers.
    Long Weekend
    As you know, this time of year, your weather is only as good as your wind direction. As we move into the long weekend that area of High pressure will wander to the North & East, which will change our Wind direction across NL. We're still 5+ days out, however as of now...
    -Saturday: Winds look set to shift light South/Southeast meaning more clouds & temps cooler along the Coast in Southeast Nfld & Metro, however inland temps remaining into the teens & even some low 20's look possible for Central/West.
    -Sunday: Winds become Easterly. Not good news for the East where Coastal temps in the East look set to drop back into mid-high single digits. Models also have a low creeping up South of the Island and throwing more moisture into the mix. We'll have to see how close that low is, however it appears we'll see more clouds in the East with chance of drizzle. Cabin goers and you folks in Central/ this point.... look set for more Sun and Cloud with temps holding into the high teens & maybe even a few low 20 temps.
    -Monday: Winds remain Easterly and increase a bit, bringing a similar day to the East with cool coastal temps & a chance of drizzle or a shower. Clouds thicken over Central/West, with temps in the mid-high teens.
    Your complete tonight, Tuesday & 7 day forecast, including the long weekend, this evening on Here & Now at 5:30pm NT.
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