Ryan Snoddon

    A few thoughts on the Sunday/Monday Storm set for Newfoundland & SE Labrador. In terms of timing and the overall setup of the system, there continues to be plenty of disagreement with the forecast models. The Euro & GFS models spread Snow in across the Island through the day on Sunday, while the Canadian model is almost 12 hours later and holds the Snow off until Sunday night. The track & how the storm is structured, will impact how much warm air will be wrapped into the system and the forecast models can't decide on that either. As a result, current projections for St. John's & Eastern Newfoundland range from 20-40 cm of Snow and then brief change to Rain.... to only 5-10 cm of Snow and a quick change to Rain. How's that for undecided! Depending on the track, Central Newfoundland could also see a change to Rain, however there's been better agreement this will be primarily a Snow event for you folks and a significant one at that. The West Coast should also prepare for a hardy shot of Snow Sunday-Monday. SE Labrador may also get a shot of wind & snow, primarily on Monday. The only thing that is nailed down at this point? This Storm will be packing very strong winds. Hoping we'll see some better agreement over the next 24 hours, as always I'll keep you posted! Jamie Mauracher will make her debut in the Weather Centre and on Here & Now tomorrow, but I'll be here too. So double trouble with lots of updates tomorrow!
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