Ryan Snoddon

    A Storm We Won't Soon Forget
    Incredible numbers from Saturday's storm including gusts to 180 km/h in Argentia and gusts in the 120-160 km/h right across Eastern Newfoundland and the Metro region! The complete list of wind and snowfall totals is below...

    First, I did want to pass along that warming centres have been opened to the thousands still without power this morning. You can find the locations and more details here:…/newfoundland-l…/winds-march-12-1.4021487

    As promised, here's the EC storm summary:

    The following is a summary of weather event information received by Environment and Climate Change Canada as of 5:30 AM NDT.

    1. Summary of snowfall in centimetres:

    Twillingate: 42.8 
    Gander Int'l Airport: 38 
    La Scie: 37.6 
    Sops Arm: 35 (as of 4 PM) 
    St. Anthony: 33.2 
    Ferrolle Point: 28 
    Englee: 25.5 
    Deer Lake Airport: 24 
    Cormack: 22.9 
    Burgeo: 22.8 
    Millertown: 20.6 
    Badger: 19.7 
    Terra Nova National Park: 17.7 
    Winterland: 16.5 
    Corner Brook: 15.3 
    Stephenville Airport: 15

    2. Summary of peak wind gusts in kilometres per hour:

    Argentia: 180 
    Grates Cove: 170 
    Cape Race: 159 
    Paradise: 159 
    St. John's Int'l Airport: 157 
    Cape Pine: 148 
    Green Island (Trinity Bay): 148 
    Winterland: 148 
    Sagona Island: 146 
    Pass Island: 145 
    Englee: 144 
    East White Hills: 143 
    Allans Island: 140 (stopped reporting at 12:54 PM) 
    Robin Hood Bay 135 
    Twillingate: 133 
    St. Pierre: 130 
    St. John's West: 126 
    Green Island (Fortune Bay): 124 
    Ramea: 124 
    Caplin Cove: 122 
    Logy Bay: 117 
    Ochre Pit Cove: 117 
    St. John's Downtown: 114 
    Quidi Vidi Lake: 113 (stopped reporting at 3:53 PM) 
    Bull Arm: 111 
    Bellevue: 103 
    Gander: 100 
    Port aux Basques: 98 
    Burgeo: 96 
    Gander Int'l Airport: 93 
    Terra Nova National Park: 93

    Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial 
    information and does not constitute a complete or final report.


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