Day after inauguration protests

    • in Vancouver

    There has been a confrontation between marchers and Trump supporters in Washington

  • Emcee insists Washington march is still on

    An update from the clogged streets of Washington.
    An on-stage emcee just told the crowd in Washington that the march is still on, despite the Associated Press reporting the entire planned route was filled with hundreds of thousands of protesters and that people were unable to formally march to the White House as planned.
    An emcee told the crowd to use Constitution Ave. and head towards the Ellipse. She said she wanted the crowd to stay safe.
    "Make sure you take care of the elders, the kids."
  • Too many people in Washington to lead White House march

    A massive turnout at the Women's March on Washington has forced a change of plans. With the entire planned route filled with hundreds of thousands of protesters, organizers can't lead a formal march toward the White House.
    That's according to a District of Columbia official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the official isn't authorized to speak for the march.
    The official says that shortly before 1 p.m. ET, people were standing along the entire march route.
    While there will be no formal march led from the protest stage near the Capitol, the crowd is still expected to move toward the Ellipse, an area of the National Mall in front of the White House.
    The official said there could be more than half a million people on the Mall, but it's difficult to estimate because low cloud cover is making aerial photographs impossible.
    (Adrees Latif/Reuters)
  • Here is what the sister marches in Toronto and Montreal look like.

  • Chicago march cancelled ...

    ... because there are too many people there. The rally is still going on as planned but they won't be marching through the street. Organizers estimated a crowd between 20,000 and 50,000 people. But an estimated 150,000 have showed up to the area around Chicago's Grant Park, according to the Chicago Tribune.  The park is at capacity, according to organizers.
    It was the site of Obama's victory speech back in 2008.
  • Here is what the Women's Marches around the world look like. The view from London, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Paris.

    • in Vancouver

    What is the march all about?

    Good morning from Washington, D.C., where Donald Trump is waking up on his first Saturday morning as president with a massive protest assembling in his own backyard.

    The Women’s March on Washington hasn’t begun yet, but a rally is beginning to form just about two miles southeast of the White House. By 1:15 p.m. ET, the main march will start to move west and then end just a block away from Trump’s new residence and office.

    So, what’s this march all about? It started as a reaction to the election of Trump in November. But the event is not explicitly anti-Trump so much as it’s pro-woman. Last week, organizers released a list of 8 “Unity Principles,” including:

    • Ending violence against women
    • Protection of reproductive freedom
    • Protection of LGBTQIA rights
    • Protection of worker's rights
    • Protection of civil rights
    • Protection of disability rights
    • Fighting for environmental justice
  • Sister marches across Canada

    Around 30 sister women's marches will be taking place in cities across Canada today.
    Big rallies are planned for Toronto and Vancouver, with thousands expected to attend, but the marches will be taking places in smaller locales too, including Val-Morin, Que., Revelstoke, B.C. and Yellowknife.
    Here's a look at some of those local marches.
  • A day of protest begins

    Good morning. The inauguration activities have come to an end and Donald Trump is now U.S. president.
    And in response to that, there's a day full of protest planned. The largest is the Women's March, happening in Washington and in cities and towns around the world.
    CBC correspondents are at the protest in Washington plus the marches taking place in cities across Canada and around the world covering the presidency protests. We'll be following the reaction to Donald Trump's inauguration throughout the day.
    A look at today's Women's March in London, England. (Neil Hall/Reuters)
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