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  • Tuesday, March 29 (Election Day 4):

    Your Take: What issue, or issues, will decide your vote?

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    by Margaret Spoelstra edited by Michelle Cho 3/29/2011 7:45:29 PM
  • Harley from Alberta questions who qualifies to take part of the leaders debate.

  • Paul from Calgary, AB is outraged that our leaders aren't looking after his biggest concern...the economy.

  • Hugh Poole from Lytton, BC wonders who is going to pay for everything. Find out what his most basic question is by listening here.

  • Sybil Bagshaw from Saanichton, BC wants to see Elizabeth May included in the leader's debate

  • Wednesday, March 30 (Election Day 5):

    Your Take: What do you think about strategic voting?

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  • Bill from Edmonton

  • Paul from Ottawa

  • Joe Smith from Campbellford, ON

  • David from Montreal

  • Dennis Keese from Kingston, ON

  • Margaret Bear from Kelowna, BC

  • Paul from Saskatchewan

  • Richard Denton from Kirkland Lake, ON

  • Shirley Forsythe from Hamilton, ON

  • Thursday, March 31 (Election Day 6):

    Your Take: How do you feel the leaders did on week one of the campaign?

    Call us at (888) 645-5899. Give us your name, your location, then record your comment or answer. Please leave your contact number at the end of your response.
  • Craig Hubley from LaHave, Nova Scotia

  • Listener from the nation's capital, Ottawa

  • Gaetan Harris from Winnipeg, MB

  • Glen Bearden in Saskatoon, SK

  • Pat McLaughlin in Ottawa, ON

  • Roy Eappen in Montreal

  • Stephanie Brook from Garden Bay, BC

  • Contempt of Parliament by the Harper government is an apt finding. How can anyone put trust in that party?Yet Harper talks about not being able to trust "the coalition" or any other party singly. This is just mindless jibber-jabber that doesn't even work in used car sales. His campaign is already tired!
  • I like the idea of strategic voting, with a twist. I think that if the voters of the Leaders' ridings would vote the Leaders out they would not only be doing Canada a great service, but at the same time they would be lobbing a volley across the Parliamentary bough. If the Leaders got dumped the parties would have to find new leaders, and instead of looking for a fellow to win they would also be giving a great consideration to finding someone that could work harmoniously in Parliament.
  • Harper lost my vote. his cowardice over the one on one debate is a disgrace. he has no buisiness running for PM if he is that weak a leader.
  • If, Canadian Citizens took a minute to reflect, they would see that the leaders of the Liberals & the NDP are in bed together. They got together & conspired and then took the house down. On board a ship/vessel this action is referred to as Mutiny & in the Canadian military this action is referred to as Treason. If anyone out there believes that these two people really care about Canada & its' citizens...then you are living in the dark. These two individuals are only concerned about themselves & their own 'ego's. The best thing that could happen for Canadains would be for both these traitors to loose their seats in the house, following which the elected government could get on with running this country.
  • lets get on with the one on one debate before Stephen slithers is way back into the Big chair again
  • Technically nobody holds a seat right now because Parliament has been dissolved-let Elizabeth May into the debate. Don't undermine democracy via the media.
  • I also want Elizabeth May included in the debate - she is the leader of a national party and deserves airtime. She was the one focused on the issues in the last debate.
  • For me, it all comes down to managing the economy and creating jobs. As a soon-to-be grad, the job market is my bigest concern.
  • Elizabeth May needs to be included in the debates!!! She brought so much more to the conversation last time. Otherwise it is just the usual rhetoric! The green Party are running a candidate in every riding. That is better than the BLOC.
  • I am worried Canada is losing it's back bone. We bend over backwards for new comers and we are getting burried alive. In the next 20 years, the Canada that our ancestors fought for will not be reconizable.
  • My vote will be cast for the Conservative Party of Canada and Prime Minister Harper. Anyone who would vote for "Count" Michael Ignatieff is as out of touch with reality as he is. Although I respect Jack Layton as an honest and sincere politician, I do not agree with his political ideology. The Bloc is not a national party and cannot be seriously considered as relevant outside of Quebec.
  • This election is a total farce!! We will end up with exactly what we have now....a minority Conservative Government ...give or take a couple of seats. Not to mention when you live in the West....the election is over before our votes are even counted.
  • Stratigic voting is a sign of little faith or hope in our present system of government. I see it worse than that. I do not see our system as democractic at all. Democracy is the people getting a say between elections, as in the Swiss System of Direct Democracy. The people of Switzerland have made all the countries decisions since 1848. When did we ever get a say, aside from the odd referendum. In Parliament, during undemocratic Confidence Votes Harper and Ignatieff forced their party members to vote as a block, often against the will of the constituents the members are paid to represent. Where is the democracy in that.
  • Friday, April 1 (Election Day 7):

    Your Take: What issues do you want the campaign and leaders to address next week?

    Call us at (888) 645-5899. Give us your name, your location, then record your comment or answer. Please leave your contact number at the end of your response.
  • I would like to see more coverage on the Contempt of Parliament charge. As this is the first time that any sitting government in the entire commonwealth has been charged with Contempt and due to the severity of the charge, I would like to see more coverage on it. The reform/alliance/conservative party has shown that they are not deserving of the Canadian electorate's trust. This seems to have been ignored by the CBC and other media. Why?
  • I want to hear more about issues important to me - number 1 is environmental protection, then health care. I want to hear long term planning for a sustainable economy in the global context. I am not impressed with politicians trying to buy my vote, or by other short term measures. I am not very interested in "integrity" - I expect that all politicians are about the same in that regard.
  • I question why Mr. Doucette is invited to participate in the federal debate. He calls himself a separatist representing ONLY Quebec? Ms. May represents the Green party for Canada? This decision is at the root why so many average Canadians (especially the young) think their vote dosen't count. Shame on the "people" who arrived at this decision. Was this decision democratic?
  • I do not live in Quebec, what has the leader of the Bloc said he will do for me? he proudly proclaimes his focus is Quebec. E May is obviously more qualified to be included in the debate, she will work for all Canadians.
  • I really cannot understand why they would not let the green party in the debate on TV, as news reports are you not suppose to get all views, this is a registered party and they are also a national party, come on news stations, lets get all points of view from all our registered parties. I think that this should go out on the social network to see what all Canaidian's think. Bit slanted to what the broadcast companies want and if they do not want to let the green party on the debates give us all the reasoning behind it. I am so upset about this, I do not want to watch the Canaidian broadcasting channels.
  • I just don't think I understand, why a fully competent leader such as May, is refused the right to be heard. The public debates are all about Canadians tuning in and understanding what each Party stands for, and how suitable their promises really hold up to be. It's absolutely... cowardly of the other leaders to not have to face the Green Party in the debate. She doesn't hold threat of taking away that many of their votes. What she does hold threat of, is raising questions they'd rather not answer. To tell you the truth, if anything, cutting May out of the debate lowers my confidence and respect for the other leaders. We're putting full grown men up onstage, and if they can't handle sharing the spotlight, or answer troubling questions, why should we be trusting them with our whole country?
  • May should be allowed to participate. Our voting options are far too limiting already. I'm finding that Layton has some interesting points. Harper should consider responding to those ideas. I see no reason to continue providing corporations with such a low tax rate when they have yet to show Canadians that this economic policy really works. Perhaps Government should be controlling the distribution of wealth for all Canadians. Corporate Canada has only assisted a small percentage of wealthy Canadians with portfolios large enough to actualy live off. Middle and lower income Canadians are providing those funds yet are falling behind at an alarming rate. The majority are not keeping pace with even the basic C.O.L. increases. Ignatief should apply his education packages to all students including trades not just University courses. A resouce based economy can not survive on a population overloaded with Degrees, we all require the tradespeople a well. As far as pensions go, Private Pension plans have been corupted, Corporate plans are unsecure. Instead of bailing out those corporate pensions pensions at risk should placed into the Public Service Plan, that's where the bail out funds should go first. Stop giving bailouts to Failing Corporate economists to deal out. Taxpayers should educate themselves and stop blaming the Governments mistakes on the Public Service. The Goverment of the day makes the policy not the public service.
  • Want to know why we have so many elections. The driving force in Canada being the Onbec (Ontario/Quebec) decision makers who have somehow determined that the fiscal health of Canada is based on the Onbec fiscal strength, contrary to the remainder of the countries fiscal health. Unfortunately Onbec have based a lot of their income infrastructure on supporting business profiles that are under stress (financial smoking holes) on the world markets. While they have weakened other areas of the country from taking advantage of their strengths/processing resources of their local areas to the betterment of outside countries (free trade - cod/processed lumber/oil/lowest bidder outside of country with that country giving its companies business breaks) or lately just saying that maritime oil is Quebec’s asset to process. As Onbec poor structure planning continues to drive it into a hole while it continues to weaken the remainder of Canada to maintain centralized control. The largest threat to Onbec pride would be to have five other more prosperous provinces (like oil wealthy Alberta) which would show how impotent it is. The current course Onbec follows should eventually provide a depressed country whose assets are owned by other companies (countries) (companies owning our resources have more rights In world courts against us than saying that another country owns our rights – I wonder if diamond countries are foolish enough to give away those assets to others countries) Only way to improve CANADIAN federal support is to have the federal government establish in a new province after every election. Not just the self-interested glued into Ontario seats. (Hey - If a military battalion can pick up, move, secure itself and operate unimpeded providing the support that it is required to do for the betterment of the country. It could be done and as well have lessons learned and improve security for itself) Anyone who would say it’s not possible is more interested in their convenience as opposed to the health of the country. Onbec probably will not be welcome as another state when they manage to drive Canada into a hole.
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