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  • I agree that Elizabeth May should be included in the debates! I cannot think why a regional party should be there when a national party is to be excluded. I hope the media consortium re-thinks it's shameful decision.
  • Victor Emerson of Ottawa, ON on the debate issue

  • please ask Mr. Harper a question for me as we the public have no access to him in this campain. =>In regards to the $2-per-vote subsidy, Harper says "taxpayers should not financially support political parties that they don't support with their votes." Does he mean all votes for other than the winning party don't count or taxpayers don't vote for anywone other than the winning party. This is the spupidest statement of the election campain so far. Is it not showing that if he gets a majority with around 40% of the vote he will ignore the remaining 60%'s views.
  • Removing per-vote subsidies? I live in a riding that is a stronghold for a party that I don't necessarily want to vote for. The per-vote subsidies give me a reason to vote anyway because my vote counts for something. If these subsidies are removed, I'll become even more disenchanted with the election process and will likely stop voting altogether. Removing voting subsidies is yet another blow to democracy.
  • Luke from Vancouver, BC speaks on political sudsidies

  • I want to see more doctors, nurses and healthcare facilities. I hate to see people lined in hallway or not getting the care they deserve. I can't get into community college...its become a best grade only place now. I'm forced to pay the outrageous costs of private college. To get loan relief, I have to work in an under serviced area....its under serviced for a reason....there are no jobs there!
  • Shannon from Peterborough, ON wants to hear about what the leaders will do for university students

  • The media is a powerful source for knowledge about our world, and many are disillusioned by the manipulation we see in our news sources. The recent decision to exclude the Green party from the leaders' debate only confirms this. When a national party is excluded from (arguably) the most important debate in our 'free and fair' elections, this infringes on our access to information, discouraging us from making truly informed decisions about our government. Regardless of which party we support, I think we need to uphold the democratic process, and demonstrate a type of politics that goes beyond strategics but seeks to genuinely understand and represent the interests of all the people. With that said, I am most interested in hearing what Elizabeth May has to say at the table. The economy is on the minds of many Canadians, and I think she provides knowledgeable insight into 'green'/sustainable economic initiatives.
  • During the last election debates of 2010, Mr. Harper made the promise of withdrawing the Canadian troops from Afghanistan. After he was re-elected, he backed off and said that Canada will have to stay in Afghanistan until things on the ground change. Ever since Canada was involved in this war, taxpayers have been financing it with billions of dollars worth and more lives have been lost in vain. Based on what I have heard from the leaders of all the parties, it seems to me that the Canadian war in Afghanistan is not even an issue for the upcoming debate, as none of the leaders have so far said anything about it. Is it the case that this war is not even going to be on the agenda of the campaigning leaders? Has this war become legitimate with time?
  • The most significant government of the last half century was a minority Liberal government led by Prime Minister Pearson. That parliament gave Canada our public medical care system, the Canada pension plan, unemployment insurance, the Canadian flag and other significant legislation that still positively impact the lives of Canadians today. It just takes people who will find common ground and work together for common good. It is up to the electorate to elect those kind of folks. We must reduce the influence of powerful interest lobby groups and increase the autonomy of our MP's so they can exercise good judgment for their constituents who put them in parliament. If they are put there through the instrumental support of corporations or unions who do they owe their allegiance to?
  • It is an embarrassment to watch our political leaders throw insults at each other, promise all kinds of unrealistic programs they'll never deliver on and have this on display for the world to see this is Canada's political system. Makes you want to crawl into a hole somewhere and hide....
  • Tiffany McNaughton of Camrose, AB wants our government to restore our global relationships.

  • What about the issues that are important but difficult, and rarely discussed? I would like to hear from the 5 parties about aboriginal issues, child poverty, tuition fees--in much greater detail, not just the quick answers we've been hearing, the environment including greenhouse gas emissions, water quality of rivers, lakes & oceans...I'll leave it there for now. I doubt we'll hear about these and if we do, it will be buried at the bottom of the parties' platform, written in non-committing rhetoric, with no real, solid and measurable plan. I'd love to be proven wrong.
  • I think there are some vital health care issues that must be addressed in this campaign such as what party do we trust to protect and strengthen Medicare in the negotiations for a new Health Funding Accord in 2014? Who is prepared to finally establish National Pharmacare program to deal with the high costs of prescription drugs? Who is prepared to establish a national home care and long-term care program to prevent long waiting lists such as a year or longer for people in need to be placed in a nursing home? And finally, who is prepared to finally put in place a national mental health strategy and to ensure the resources will be there to fully implement it?
  • I really like Jack Layton's proposal to put workers who pay into a corporate pension plans first in pay outs if corporations go bankrupt. Enough with the million dollar BONUSES for executives even when they bankrupt their corporations!!! (I hope all parties adopt this common sense rule, consensus please.)
  • I would like party leaders to explain how they will make Canada more self-sufficient. This can apply to food, energy, and other resources. Canadians should realize that the Conservatives had the most members elected to parliament. It is the members of parliament that decide who forms government. Hopefully Mr. Harper will not wet his pants if the majority of Canada rejects his pseudo-conservative agenda again.
  • Listener from Quebec

  • Howard from Ontario

  • I don't want the conservatives to gain a majority. I think that one of the first orders of business will be to dissolve the Canadian Wheat Board and I truly think that this will ultimately harm farmers.
  • Dennis Vidmar from Windsor, ON asks what the government will do for small businesses, especially agricultural businesses

  • Ann-Kathleen McLaughlin of Douglas, ON is hopeful about this next election

  • Brad Marshall of Hamilton, ON worries that the leaders have ignored the needs of 'poor' Canadians

  • Monday, April 4 (Election Day 10):

    Your Take: What other issues are being ignored in this campaign?

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  • I want to hear a party supporting a self-sustaining Canada for the future. We have a wealth of natural resources we need to protect through environmental policy. We need to develop a broad workforce (skilled tradespeople AND academics) so that we aren't reliant on trade routes. We need to work back up to a surplus.
  • Lily May of Toronto

  • Vita from Ontario

  • I want to here more about the poor and disabled people and how thier expected to stretch the little money they recieve now, when food cost , gas prices and hydro bills are all on the increase .. to this day the disabled are not at the standerds they were prior to the bob wray cuts.. These poor Canadains live on and about $12,000./yr. far under the poverty level, Are they not intitaled to a life without hunger or perhaps new cloths now and again.
  • Alison Astbury from Val David, Quebec

  • April from Winnipeg, MB

  • Joan Bronwell from Ladysmith, BC

  • Jay Bunyan from Toronto, ON

  • On different occasions, I have emailed Members of Parliament to request that they raise in Parliament the issue of conducting informative public hearings of the negotiations under way between Canada and the European Union with respect to the Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement (CETA). The silence surrounding CETA has been deafening, although it is expected that CETA will be in full force and effect by the end of this year.
  • I would like to hear the parties discuss ethic issues. As a young adult and like many of my generation, I feel apathetic when discussing about politics because it seems pointless to vote when most of a political campaign is based upon attacking other party leaders instead of actually offering something. We are all aware of political strategy and the need to be informed of one's misbehavior, but i feel politicians should leave the reporting to the press, and focus on what's important: the issues we can see in Canada and the solutions they want to see. It is a citizen's duty to vote, but what defines a politician's duty? Is it morally acceptable to ask someone to vote, if there is no real option to vote for, only a couple parties who go day to day pushing blame on one another for trivial things?
  • Ruth Brackman, Winnipeg

  • Ellen Manney, Toronto

  • Tuesday, April 5 (Election Day 11):

    Your Take: How do you feel the campaign is going so far?

    Call us at (888) 645-5899. Give us your name, your location, then record your comment or answer. Please leave your contact number at the end of your response.
  • Terribly disappointed with our CBC/CTV "journalists" who are asking the hard questions against Harper and letting him go scott free. We call ourselves a free and democratic country but are limited to a scripted and less than a handful of questions to a Prime Minister, and we find that's okay? So, yes, I am terribly disappointed at all you journalists and news reporters who have no backbone.
  • With most of the polls predicting that the result of this current election aren't going to be much different than what Canada already has (a minority Conservative Government), shouldn't there be some disincentive for having an election? If it produces change to the parties in power great! But if not, we just went through a big expensive procedure with no change to show for it.
  • Mr. Ignatieff is criticized for spending several years in the United States. Mr. Pearson worked in the United States. Mr. Bennett left Canada after losing to Mr. King. All three of these politicians are Canadians. Mr. Abdelrazik is Canadian. Does Mr. Abdelrazik's story make any light bulbs come on in the mind of Mr. Harper and his supporters? In my opinion, most Canadians are not of the material that Mr. Harper wants in his clique. I do not see a big tent - the village - the canada when I hear Mr. Harper. I think of firewalls, nation within a nation and the socialist opposition when I hear Mr. Harper. Politics of division. It looks like Mr. Harper give interviews for Fox and CNN because the Canadian conservatives (Bennett) created the CRBC for Canadians.
  • All you hear from these politicians is how they will spend millions on this that and the other yet I haven't heard one of them address the soar cost of fuel and the gouging that is going on from the oil companies and governments alike. When will the working poor get relief?
  • If the Coalition will take over we will have the only "sandwich and water" Layton & Ignatiev are social complitly left & troublemakers for Canada don't trust Them! They didn't work properly in minority Goverment, always voted against good things, and they point a finger to whom, point to themselves instea to PC. They are not ethiacal, they already cheat canadians like hypocrities. Vote for majority and proven PC economy!
  • Ian Williamson from Toronto, ON

  • Hey, Been following the campaign news, and today, hearing about how Harper had two persons removed from his campaign event for having Photos of Ignatief and said person on their facebook page, Really got me to thinking. How come we, as Canadians, are Honestly sitting around accepting this? Does anyone remember the back door deal signed between Canada and US Allowing our armies equal access across our borders to assist in Emergencies? the Pamphlet they had on how to disrupt parliament? The profuse dishonesty and his continuous slamming and mudslinging of any political opponent Instead of just showing us Why we should vote for Him? Really my fellow Canadians... Whats Wrong with us? Do we Want to give up our freedoms? I was taught in Civics class that the House of commons was where We sent elected persons to work for Us, the People of Canada! Not for themselves! Whats wrong with our government people ask? Simple, none of them truly seem to Care about Anything more then themeselves anymore. If im wrong please.. prove it? Show me where our government Truly works for more then merely a paycheck better then the minimum wage the majority of Canadians are payed.
  • Would any of our leaders be willing to commit to following up on lessons learned by our armed forces since we entered Afghanistan, such as how good our initial intelligence was, how well we integrated our command stucture with that of our allies, how well training and troop integration went for both our regular and reserve forces? /Finally will any leader address the need to provide not only the accurate cost analysis, but the reasons why we need fighter jets vs perhaps drones/why they take precedence over coastal surveillance aircraft or other types of airforce equipment?

    What about the north? Are all parties content with the status quo re: Arctic sovereignty, ie. make strong statements about our claim backed by one annual major military exercise in the area, and about one announcement on future improvements there annually? Who's willing to address our lack of capacity to respond to environmental threats in the Arctic, react to rising sea levels, create appropriate infrastructure that makes sense for the growing population there, and protects them and ultimately those of us who aren't there from the growing health threats of TB, STD's, and a host of communicable diseases that are exacerbated by poor access to appropriate housing and clean water?
  • Bob Woken of Woking, Alberta

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