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  • Internet connections in rural areas can't posssibly be the only rural issue that the Liberals are going to talk about! Let's talk about food and farming. Who is going to produce Canada's food in the next 10 years and how are they going to do it? This is a huge issue and effects national security, the economy, health and the environment.
  • Carol Hill of Brandon, MB

  • As a former CBC journalist I am ashamed of the bias displayed by some of the journalists on the National, most notably Terry Milewski (sp?)

    It is not that he displays a pro liberal or ndp bias, but his anti conservative message is blatant and unnerving to say the least. The fact he hasn't been pulled from election coverage leads me to conclude that CBC editors are either share his view or even worse, are naive. As for the election itself, it has been predictable. No suprises. Just more of the same we have come to know in recent years.
  • Larry Wiebe, MacGregor, MB

  • Wednesday, April 6 (Election Day 12):

    Your Take: Give us your take on the election issues or on any of the stories you hear on The World at Six.

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  • I'm a parent and caregiver for my 25 year old developmentaly delayed son. I would like to see this government address the poverty and care issues for these most vulnerable. It scares me to death what is going to happen to him when we aren't around anymore. Things are getting worse instead of better. Who will look out for their best interest when there is no one left to care for them. It's really sad to see what this government is doing to the disabled and seniors. Parents shouldn't have to give up their loved ones in order to get the help they need to keep their loved ones at home. They need to have someone in this government advocating for a better life for these people!
  • Carl Cherland from Regina, SK

  • We have found no discussion regarding our federal debt thus far in the campaign. Currently somewhere north of half a TRILLION, the debt service charges are likely the largest single drain on our tax dollars. We hope the advertisingandnews media will help our candidates focus their campaigns on paying off our gummermint debt, starting in the first year of the mandate.
  • Harlan Light of Smith, AB

  • Canadians need to start realizing this is an historic election. Mr. Harper has made his view of Canada clear in many ways. He has written about his disdain for our social programs (ie health care, CPP, etc.) and those who value them. He has derided our system of government in writing and deed being leader of the first government in parliamentary history to be found in contempt and them making light of it. Why does he wish to be Prime Minister of a country he has so little respect for? More importantly, why do so many Canadians even consider him a viable candidate? Read some of the things he has written and said. There is no hidden agenda, it is there for anyone to see.
  • Linda McNay from BC

  • Stephanie Coburn from Head of Millstream, NB

  • Thursday, April 7 (Election Day 13):

    Your Take: What do you think of the political strategy of targetting so-called ethnic voters?

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  • I am a former supporter of the Liberals, but no more. I cannot stand the arrogance shown by the Liberals especially the leader Micheal Ignatieff. The Liberals along with the NDP think that Canadians are stupid and cannot form an opinion or vote the proper way. They think Canadians need to be told how to vote and how to be governed. This will be shown when they realize they will not win the election and they attempt to form a coalition which goes against the majority of Canadian's wishes. I plan on voting for the Conservatives and hopefully it will be a majority and the Liberals will be relegated to the public gallery.
  • I wasn't too impressed with Ignatief going into the election campain, but I have to confess that has been doing a pretty good job so far. Right now the Liberals seem to be gaining momentum. I think I will have to give this party a second look.
  • John from South River, ON

  • I think the PC's are onto something with the promise to delay implementing promises until the buget is balanced. Pass a law that the MP's get paid when they balance the buget. If that doesn't happen until 2015, think of the money we would save.
  • Jim Argo from Wolf Island, ON


    April 10, 2011

    Mike Savage

    Robert Chisholm

    Wanda Webber!/messages/1466305367

    Copy: Your Take Radio: Share your election comments CBC News Website

    I would like to ask what the candidates for my riding plan to do, to provide people with disabilities the supports they need to get into the workplace. Currently, many people with disabilities are on welfare, because very few employment opportunities exist that give them the supports they need.

    I want very much to work. I have 2 university degrees, job training, and a cumulative 7 years of work experience. However, I have a traumatic brain injury, which means I also have a really terrible memory. But I am still extremely smart, and am able to be a very productive worker, if I have an understanding employer who gives me the accommodations I need, which include allowing me to take notes about everything, and to put the information I need in a Palm Pilot device to keep me organized.

    Unfortunately, there are extremely few employers in the Halifax Regional Municipality who are understanding about disability issues, and, since it is a “hidden” disability, traumatic brain injury issues in particular. Because of this, even with my broad degree of education and experience, it is extremely difficult for me to find employment that is appropriate for me, with my limitations, due to my disability.

    Most people acquire traumatic brain injury when young and many, like me, are extremely motivated, and would much rather work than sit around on welfare, although many do give up hope because there is so little support. As well as making economic sense to put in place the supports these young people with brain injury need, to be successful in the workplace, it would also vastly improve their quality of life.

    Please let me know which political party will work to put in place the supports I need to be successful in the workplace.

    Thank you very much,

    Kathleen Morrison
  • I think that we should boycott the so called leaders debate, as they haven't included all the party leaders...under the 'they have no elected members' rule???? I think I'm not the only person in Kana-duhhhh who's noticed that right now no one has an elected member...we're in the middle of an election...
  • When will all candidates realize that the Canadian people would like them to stop the name calling etc and get down to the real information we need to make an informed vote. Also, to the party that wins, please, please act as adults during debates . Stop the bickering, we Canadians do not wish to pay for time spent thusly.
  • Considering all the jockeying for power and majority, hasn't the fact of minority power sharing been of much greater benefit to us than a single party monopoly? Everyone's ideas received air time and even consideration. Win win for everyone, especially mr. John Q. Public!!
  • Terry Anderson from Calgary, AB

  • Ken Billings of Ottawa, ON

  • Bob Woken of Rycroft, AB wonders why the leaders aren't talking about a national nuclear strategy

  • Jim Burgner of Vancouver, BC on why it's essential to understand the seriousness of what contempt of parliament really means.

  • Monday, April 11 (Election Day 17):

    Your Take: How important are the debates in deciding your vote?

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  • David Smith from Regina, SK

  • John Hardy, Sackville, NB

  • Lynn Strohm, Winnipeg, MB

  • John McHugh, Toronto, ON

  • Val LaSalle, Barrie, ON

  • Clarence Jones, Vernon, BC

  • Tuesday, April 12 (Election Day 18):

    Your Take: How do you think the different leaders did in the debates?

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  • Abdullah Ibrahim, London, ON

  • Andrea Hill-Lehr, Wolfville, NS

  • Mr.Harper stayed on course and acted like the leader of our country. Stable and focused. The rest looked like they wanted nothing more than to bicker and try to shame Mr.Harper. Iggy can do nothing but repeat talking points,typical liberal rubbish.
  • Garth Hunter, Slocan Valley,

  • Harper annoyed me with his contrite grin, his misleading versions of the truth, and especially with his contempt for anyone with a brain. He kept citing business interests who thought his plan was good. it is --- for big business, but not so good for taxpayers. How is he going to balance the budget? BY DECIMATING THE CIVIL SERVICE and other common good programs that the Federal Government provides. And his understanding of how a democracy works is frightening.
  • Helene Shiff, Toronto, ON

  • I am very pleased with the turnout of the debate. Stephen Harper did what he needed to do. He did not stumble over his words. Stephen Harper has proven that Canada is his 1st pryority and it was the other parties that has forced the election. A waste of Canada's money that could pay down our debt.
  • I find it a real waste of a great leader, that Gilles Duceppe will only run with a party that only represents Quebec. I see mr. Duceppe as the best leader on the panel. He would have had my vote if he could just stop being childish and represent CANADA. I'm a proud Canadian and love the fact that we have 2 official languages and that helps put Canada on top in the world. Mr. Duceppe please grow up and put your passion into Canada because Quebec isn't leaving.
  • Julia Van De Spiegle, Winnipeg, MB

  • Janice Wilson, Hamilton, ON

  • Judy Keeler, Toronto, ON

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